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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to apply mustard plasters
Как ставить горчичникиMustard plasters are familiar to all of us since the childhood. They possess the irritating, soothing and anti-inflammatory action and migraines, a miozita and even sleeplessnesses are effective in treatment not only cough in its different manifestations, but also. Today we will talk how it is correct to be treated by means of mustard plasters.
Treatment of joints gelatin
Лечение суставов желатиномFor treatment of joints different means – the medicines acquired in a drugstore, phytotherapy, and also national ways are used. You learn from this article how it is possible to improve a condition of joints, applying usual edible gelatin.
What to do if the wisdom tooth hurts
Что делать, если болит зуб мудростиProrezyvaniye and growth of wisdom teeth often are followed by inflammatory processes and painful feelings. Many people in the life at least once faced similar manifestations. Statistically, less than at a third of the population growth of these teeth happens without any problems. In most cases development of wisdom teeth is followed by any violations.
Use of boric acid
Применение борной кислотыBoric acid often is used today both in traditional, and in traditional medicine, and also – on a personal plot. The main advantage of this means – the low price at the maximum positive effect from application.
Instruction on Half of Pala's application
Инструкция по применению Пол-Палы On one of pharmaceutical show-windows where medicinal herbs are presented, it is possible to meet many packings with familiar names: "Leaf of cowberry", "Leaf of a bearberry", "Buds of a birch", "Calendula flowers", "Leaf of a nettle" … But here the box with the unfamiliar name "The Half Of Fell" is evident. What for a plant such? This grass very much is useful to those who suffers from polyarthritis, stones in kidneys.
Dizziness reasons
Причины головокружения"Again the head is turned", - we often say, our relatives and children, even without trying to find out the events reasons. Simply we establish the fact, without reflecting that usual dizziness can be one of symptoms of heavy neurologic frustration. Though the head can begin to spin and from more pleasant things: flow of emotions, surprise and it is simple from joyful news.
Ukropny water for newborns
Укропная вода для новорожденныхFor each mother – to watch the most terrible torture at the child who suffers from pain. Unfortunately, often it happens that in the first days of life the kid tests this state from time to time. The most common cause to they are gripes and an abdominal distension. Today we will talk about one of the best ways to overcome these unpleasant problems – ukropny water for newborns.
How to improve blood circulation
Как улучшить кровообращениеViolation of blood circulation in a human body is fraught with emergence of many serious diseases. First of all the brain, then cardiovascular system suffers and gradually the problem covers all human organs. Therefore to secure itself, it is necessary to know how it is possible to improve blood circulation.
Application of corn rylets
Применение кукурузных рыльцевIt is not obligatory for those people who has problems with a gall bladder and kidneys to drink tablet handfuls at all. It is possible to try natural medicine - corn a rylets which and are successfully used long ago in medical practice.
Galvanization procedure
Процедура гальванизацииThe main objective of each person – to support health of the body, to open all new and new sides of an organism. Throughout many centuries development of various medical procedures that as it is possible to achieve these objectives better were continuously conducted. Galvanization or, in other words, a galvanoterapiya – one of them. Today about this interesting procedure the speech will also go.
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