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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Use of ikhtiolovy ointment
Применение ихтиоловой мазиNow the increasing popularity is gained by expensive import medicines which advertizing we daily see on the TV. Many people prefer foreign drugs to their more available domestic analogs, and after all quality of the last is checked not by one generation. Ikhtiolovy ointment got to this list unfairly of the forgotten preparations, we also will devote it today's article.
Lytic mix for children
Литическая смесь для детейWhen at the child body temperature strongly rises, most of parents tries to solve a problem as soon as possible. As a rule, various candles, tablets and syrups help to consult with great feeling. But what to do if any of similar preparations does not yield result, and stem of thermometer continues to creep promptly up? In this case the effective remedy – lytic mix will come to the rescue.
Treatment of the milkwoman miramistiny
Лечение молочницы мирамистиномThe modern pharmacy offers a huge number of preparations for treatment of vaginal candidiasis (milkwoman) today. They differ not only the cost, but also in the ways of treatment, application duration, existence or absence of contraindications, etc. will tell you about one of the most popular and effective remedies from the milkwoman – a preparation Miramistin.
Vobenzim's application
Применение ВобэнзимаToday wants to present to the readers a preparation Vobenzim who can help with fight against different illnesses. It is appointed often to patients by gynecologists, urologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, traumatologists and even pediatricians. Let's understand, what for structure at a preparation how he acts and how it is applied?
Apizartron, instruction on application
Апизартрон, инструкция по применениюHaving faced a trauma (household, sports or after a road accident event), joint pain or other problems of the musculoskeletal device, any person looks for ways to help himself. There is a question – what means to choose in a drugstore that it quickly and effectively helped an organism to be restored, relieved of pain?
Use of folic acid
Применение фолиевой кислотыThat folic acid is useful to human health, is known for a long time. She takes part in a metabolism, in synthesis of DNA, in creation of immune cages and in some other processes proceeding in our organism. The last some years began to consider B9 vitamin as one of substances, the extremely necessary for women during pregnancy.
Panangin's application
Применение ПанангинаThat our heart well worked and was strong, its food requires enough potassium and magnesium. Therefore at arrhythmia, heart failure and other failures in work doctors appoint Panangin.
Dyufaston when planning pregnancy
Дюфастон при планировании беременностиIn recent times the diagnosis "infertility" sounded worse than a sentence - then scientists did not find yet a way to go counter to the stubborn nature. Today we live in remarkable time, after all the modern medicine has a mass of opportunities to present to the woman pleasure of motherhood. One of them is connected with a preparation Dyufaston.
Pertussin's application
Применение ПертуссинаHot summer days were replaced by a bad weather and autumn cold weather. The nature prepares for winter. And the human body too tries to adapt for the conditions surrounding it, sharp changes of weather. But when immunity weak, colds begin. And if does not getting thirsty the bitter become attached cough medicine, to remember that time Pertussin.
Fluimutsil's application
Применение ФлуимуцилаAgain tortured cough? In a throat tickles, and inside, in bronchial tubes or a trachea constantly something bubbles, but it is not possible to get rid of the bothering attacks? Fluimutsil released by the Swiss company "Zambon" will help to exempt airways from the slime accumulating in them.
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