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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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As it is correct to calculate date of childbirth
Как правильно рассчитать дату родовHere they – two treasured strips. And here it becomes clear that everything only just begins. The woman, especially at the first pregnancy, has a huge number of questions. One of them is date of appearance of the child on light. We will also try to answer today this question.
Harbingers of childbirth
Предвестники родовHaving seen the "positive" test for pregnancy, each woman starts watching all changes in an organism carefully. Especially attentively future mummy watches herself last month pregnancies when just about there is a long-awaited kid. Today will tell about harbingers of childbirth.
Treatment of an adenomioz
Лечение аденомиозаAdenomioz of a uterus is the inflammatory reaction which arose because of violation of a hormonal background in an organism. The essence of a disease is related to endometriosis therefore sometimes it is called internal genital endometriosis.
Calcium at pregnancy
Кальций при беременностиPregnancy is always interfaced to a certain risk - whether will be enough in an organism of the woman of microcells bricks to construct full-fledged new life? The kid correctly will develop only in that case when his mother knows how to fill shortage of this or that valuable "building material".
The stood pregnancy
Замершая беременностьPregnancy – one of the most important and responsible periods in life of each woman. But, unfortunately, not always it comes to the end with the birth of the kid. Happens that the woman feels well, however during inspection to her can tell that there were problems – the embryo ceased to develop. At once and it is impossible to understand, what after all it happened?
Rhesus factor the conflict at pregnancy
Резус конфликт при беременностиWhen the woman appears in the family way, she even does not suspect, how many different factors can affect the course of pregnancy. Among one question to which it is required to pay attention – the Rhesus factor conflict is.
Eklampsiya at pregnant women
Эклампсия у беременныхEklampsiya it is accepted to name a disease at which at the pregnant woman pressure so highly rises that there is a threat to health and life, both future mother, and future child. This disease arises usually on the third trimester of a course of pregnancy. And most often it develops at young girls who give birth for the first time or at women who give birth for the first time after forty.
Uterus hysteroscopy
Гистероскопия маткиHysteroscopy is a latest method of diagnostics in gynecology. Thanks to the special optical equipment the doctor can visually estimate a condition of a uterus and the tservikalny channel. Procedure simplifies identification and treatment of intrauterine diseases.
Allocations at women
Выделения у женщинAbout a half of all patients address to the gynecologist concerning vaginal allocations. The problem very widespread, nevertheless at a fine half is always many questions concerning this delicate feature of a female organism.
Treatment of a vulvit
Лечение вульвитаVulvitom gynecologic practice calls inflammatory process of external genitals. This extremely burdensome and discomfortable disease for the woman - the movement and a spravleniye of natural need are followed by severe pain.
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