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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Diet No. 9
Диета №9In treatment of these or those diseases dietary power supply systems which were made in due time by professor M. I. Pevzner are used to this day. Each power supply system was given the number. This or that power supply system considers interests of seriously ill patients of a certain group of diseases.
Hollywood diet
Голливудская диетаThis method of weight loss received the name not at once, and later certain time after became very popular among celebrities of Hollywood. Stars fell in love with this diet that with its help they can support the figure in a good form throughout rather long time. Besides it is rather easy diet.
Menu of a diet No. 6
Меню диеты №6The diet No. 6 is one of fifteen systems of medical foods which were developed in due time by professor Manuil Pevzner. The indication to application of this diet is gout, an urolithic illness, an oksaluriya, mochekisly diathesis and a tsistinuriya.
ABC diet
ABC-диетаMany people to grow thin, are ready literally on everything. Even on the most rigid and even dangerous diets. One of enough extreme diets ABC diet is considered. The main principle of this diet is that for all days it is possible to use practically any foodstuff, but thus the general caloric content of the consumed food per day should not exceed a certain value of caloric content.
French diet
Французская диетаThe immemorial problem of excess weight led to that all new and new techniques of weight loss began to appear. It should be noted that the problem of excessive weight exists around the world. Therefore today the set of kinds of diets by authors from all corners of the planet is developed. For example, in France with an excess weight often struggle with the help of a special power supply system which call the French diet.
Diet at stomach ulcer
Диета при язве желудкаIf the diagnosis "stomach ulcer" is made to the person, many of his relatives and acquaintances sympathetically sigh and state: "Here the poor thing – now he should refuse from tasty and to eat only squashes the yes wiped soups!". But such opinion is wrong.
Menu of a diet No. 10
Меню диеты №10Today there are some medical diets which were developed by professor I. Pevzner. Each of these power supply systems is intended for treatment of this or that disease. As for a diet No. 10, this diet is actively used for treatment of various diseases of cardiovascular system, pathologies of nervous system, and also for treatment of insufficiency of blood circulation.
Water diet
Водная диетаThe water diet is today one of the most popular methods to lose extra kilos. The essence of this diet is that at the first desire in a day to eat food, it is necessary to drink 50-100 grams of water. In total in a day it will be necessary to drink not less than two liters of water.
Seldereevy diet
Сельдереевая диетаToday there is a set of ways to lose excess weight. And authors of popular diets promise that their diet does not do harm to health. Unfortunately, often, it not always so. After all any diet is an unconditional stress for an organism.
Egg diet
Яичная диетаThis method of weight loss is based on daily inclusion in the daily diet of eggs. In general about advantage and harm of eggs many disputes go. Let's understand this question and we will consider all main aspects of popular egg diets.
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