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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of an inguinal epidermofitiya
Лечение паховой эпидермофитииEpidermofitiya is the illness caused by fungi and affecting, as a rule, big folds of skin. Manifestations of this illness can be met in axillary areas, between fingers of hands and feet, on feet and under nails, and also in a groin. We will also talk about an inguinal epidermofitiya in this article.
First aid at anaphylactic shock
Первая помощь при анафилактическом шокеAnaphylactic shock call roughly expressed allergic reaction which lightning current comes to an end for the victim with a deadly outcome. To the person on your eyes it became bad – suddenly it is an anaphylaxis? How "to calculate" a dangerous state and to give first aid?
Inflammation of a facial nerve
Воспаление лицевого нерваIt happens so that as a result of stay on draft and overcoolings, after the postponed trauma or as a result of complication of a viral disease, the person overtakes an inflammation (or neuritis) a facial nerve. The disease is capable to cause serious discomfort in view of the fact that this nerve is responsible for a mimicry and such actions, as chewing, a sosaniye, sneezing, the movements a century and lips.
Treatment of polyarthritis
Лечение полиартритаQuality of life considerably decreases if the person is hurt by joints. The statistics shows that approximately every third inhabitant of the world in a varying degree suffers from polyarthritis. How not to pass the beginning of a disease, to prevent its progressing and further deformation of joints?
Spondilit, symptoms and treatment
Спондилит, симптомы и лечениеIn a literal translation from Greek "spondilit" means a "apathetic" vertebra. The characteristic as is impossible more neatly reflects essence of a disease which mainly deforms a backbone, depriving of it mobility.
Treatment of a plechelopatochny periartrit
Лечение плечелопаточного периартритаPlechelopatochny periartrit – often found disease at which damage of sinews of a shoulder and serous bags of inflammatory character with injury of ligaments and connecting fabric of a cover of a joint is observed. The structures forming a shoulder joint thus usually do not change and do not inflame.
Treatment of neurocirculator dystonia
Лечение нейроциркуляторной дистонииNeurocirculator dystonia is one of options of development of vegetovascular dysfunction. Generally this frustration is shown at young age. At such people quite often in a consequence various violations of cardiovascular system develop.
Symptoms and treatment of a parafimoz
Симптомы и лечение парафимозаParafimoz is a squeezing of a head of a genital of the man the extreme flesh shifted back. This state is not considered an independent disease. Most often it is complication after the postponed fimoz or other dangerous diseases which in due time were not treated. Besides, development of a state is influenced strongly by negligence of the man to the health.
Mialgiya, symptoms and treatment
Миалгия, симптомы и лечениеPractically each adult at least once in life faced such problem as muscle pain. In medicine this phenomenon was given the name "mialgiya". For what reasons there can be painful manifestations, what symptoms and features of their treatment, read in this article.
Symptoms and treatment of polyneuropathy
Симптомы и лечение полинейропатииPolyneuropathy call a disease of peripheral nervous system. To it injury at the same time of the majority of nerves is characteristic. Generally it is shown in the form of violation of sensitivity, full or partial paralysis. Besides, this pathology is characterized by emergence of the expressed pain syndrome, feeling of paresteziya and other frustration of vegeto-vascular system.
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