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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
Family: all articles
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Where to celebrate children's birthday
Где отметить детский день рожденияChildren perceive this world not as adults at all. And birthday in their understanding is the most unusual day, after all in short 24 hours there are so many tremendous events. And here the organization of joyful surprises and a holiday in general lays down on shoulders of parents. It is in advance necessary to make the list of guests, to think over entertainments and the menu.
How to save the child from the bad company
Как уберечь ребенка от плохой компанииOften parents learn that their son or the daughter got to the bad company, already late enough. The child is completely captured by the new friends and their hobbies. As on the inclined plane, the teenager very quickly slides down. What to do? Most often, parents start making the same mistakes: to abuse, forbid, put ultimatums and to punish.
How to disaccustom the child to hands
Как отучить ребенка от рукEach mother at least once will hear: "Here you will accustom the child to hands, will get used", "Oh, do not accustom to hands, then you will be washed". Let's understand that means "to accustom to hands", whether it is possible "to accustom" actually the child to them, and if yes, that how to cope with when carrying on hands becomes in burden.
System of the FlyLady
Система флай-ледиThe great poetess Irina Snegova has such lines "for sterveneyushchy in kitchen, for withering to term …". Each hostess externally not similar to this heroine, internally in the same way began to boil and satanet at least once in life, finding traces on a fresh-washed floor. Today we represent system of the FlyLady thanks to which it is possible to replace the point of view with cleaning on your court.
How to bring up the son
Как воспитать сынаThe son grows in a family. How to grow up from it the real man? How to find the correct method of education? Topical issues at all times. The child since the childhood absorbs in himself that speak and as parents behave. Further the behavior model in a family will become for the child a basis and will lay the foundation for his own perception of the world and the attitude towards people.
How to teach the child to the alphabet
Как научить ребенка алфавитуLetters surround us everywhere, and acquaintance to them will not bring anything, except advantage. Only one tough rule: do not impose knowledge! To readers who are ready to broaden horizons and to satisfy natural inquisitiveness of the crumbs, I advise to test some options of studying of the alphabet.
Paperwork on the newborn
Оформление документов на новорожденногоThe first weeks after emergence in a family of the kid, will be filled with pleasure and considerable efforts. Still, after all it is necessary to know better the new family member, to adjust feeding and a dream, to tell of a joyful event to all acquaintances and friends and to manage to process all necessary documents to the new person. Be ready, having armed with forms and photocopies, to run about on instances.
Safety of children on roads
Безопасность детей на дорогахMortality in connection with non-compliance with traffic regulations in recent years increased many times! And one of the main responsible for similar incidents are children. To be exact – their parents. Of course, the school has to teach children to behavior on the road. But if she does not learn, what then? Then this duty is entirely assigned to parents.
Molding lessons from plasticine with the child
Уроки лепки из пластилина с ребенкомParents of any kid are interested that their kid gained all-round development. Some children have opportunity to visit with parents of studio and clubs of early development. But it is available not to all. I address this article to young mothers who are engaged in development and training of the kids of the house. For convenience I divided stages in development of a molding into separate lessons.
How to disaccustom the child to a pacifier
Как отучить ребенка от соскиSooner or later in the majority of families there is a situation when offer a cub "substitution" of a maternal breast. Reasons different: mother can ache, be tired, leave. And in a mouth the baby has a pacifier. It is good still, if with a small bottle. And if it is about a baby's dummy? It is better not to begin and never to offer the kid a pacifier. As a last resort, to move away her from use to 6 months.
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