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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
Make itself: all articles
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Gift by New year the hands
Подарок к Новому году своими рукамиWhat does a holiday "real"? If to speak about New year, of course, began to smell a fir-tree and tangerines, the blinking sparks and gifts. New year, perhaps, the only holiday in which gifts can be given all without exception even if it is a small souvenir. Pleasantly to receive gifts, but it is even more pleasant to give them and to prepare.
The developing toy for the child of 1-3 years
Развивающая игрушка для ребенка 1-3 летWhat only toys now are not offered in shops! Having visited children's shops, I was delighted simply with the modern developing centers which are designed for children of 1-3 years. But confused me that one developing center is only 5-7 functions, and the child, having mastered them, will quickly throw such toy. And then I decided to make the developing toy!
Casket for jewelry the hands
Шкатулка для украшений своими рукамиThe beautiful, convenient, exclusive casket for jewelry can be made independently. Of course, it will differ from that offer in shops, but will be able quite to compete with them and to take the place on your shelf. I offer the simplest option and if to try a little, it is possible to create also something more difficult and impressive.
How to make a cooler bag
Как сделать сумку-холодильникEach of us heard the phrase "cooler bag". But for many the similar device seems unnecessary, and it simply is too expensive for some. And, in fact, the thermobag is a usual bag with the heater sewed inside which the cold does not let out, and warmly outside does not pass. Today we will just tell you as quickly and almost free of charge to make a cooler bag.
Self-made can TV-antenna
Самодельная баночная ТВ-антеннаTo believe in that the self-made antenna from beer cans will start working, for what would disagree. So far the husband did not make it. I understand that many will tell that all this an unnecessary waste of time. But after all there are those who did not establish still a satellite plate or rents apartment and cannot carry out to himself cable. Here also this "way out" is useful.
Tailoring of a bag from old jeans
Пошив сумки из старых джинсовThere were times when good branded jeans were worth its weight in gold. One jeans were bought and worn out to holes. At many the hand them was not raised to throw out. Most often women of fashion altered jeans in skirts or simply cut off them, turning into shorts. I want to tell readers of as from one old jeans it is possible to sew useful things.
New Year tree the hands
Новогодняя елка своими рукамиAlready very long time the main attribute of a New Year's holiday is a fir-tree! But how to be if you for some reason cannot put the real fir-tree?! It is possible to buy it the artificial girlfriend: any size, with illumination and even the flavored. And it is possible to approach a question of acquisition of a fir-tree creatively and to make it the hands.
Automatic watering of plants
Автоматический полив растенийIf it is correctly to make everything, plants can not notice your absence. There are two different ways not to let to plants know shortage of water. One of them assumes passive methods of the help to flowers: we leave them without water replenishment, but we provide comfortable conditions for its saving. Another – active feed by water. It is allowed to combine.
How to make a doll the hands
Как сделать куклу своими рукамиFirst of all it is necessary to catch good mood, with another you should not start production of a toy. Then we go together with the child on search of treasures: it can be various color rags, leaflets, lids, buttons, candy wrappers, an old beads, plumelets – yes anything!
Hand-made articles from salty dough
Поделки из соленого тестаMolding from salty dough – the ancient entertainment which reached through centuries. Can thanks to simplicity and low cost of production, and can because of plasticity of material. Toys, pictures, candlesticks, a framework – that only does not leave pliable dough. And besides sometimes joint creativity, and not the so next bought toy pulls together us with the child.
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