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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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Installation of a plastic false ceiling
Монтаж пластикового подвесного потолкаBefore beginning repair, it is necessary to be defined that you wish to see as a result. As walls, windows, a floor, a ceiling will look … This article for those who decided to do a false plastic ceiling. Moreover, for those who wants to make it independently. offers you the instruction of installation of a plastic ceiling with step-by-step illustrations.
Balcony glazing
Остекление балконаThe balcony is in each apartment. And almost each owner dreams to turn it into a winter garden, an arbor for a chayevnichestvo or a private office. Some turn a balcony or a loggia into a sliding wardrobe. As you can see there is a lot of ideas but how to realize them? How to glaze, warm and improve such precious square meters? We will talk about it in this article.
Independent installation of a roof on a balcony
Самостоятельная установка крыши на балконеTo owners of balconies of the top floors open for winds, and also rainfall, it is necessary to take care of a roof. does not mean the duo-pitch roof turning a small balcony into similarity of a nesting box. The roof has to be extremely simple and practical, that is – a canopy, with a slope from a wall of the house and out of limits of edge of a balcony, under any possible corner.
Independent installation of plastic slopes
Самостоятельная установка пластиковых откосовPlastic windows became an integral part of our life. But to establish such windows – only half-affairs. After installation it is necessary to make slopes. Slopes are a distance between a window and a wall, in other words – a window opening. Slopes happen internal (are indoors) and external (settle down outside of a window). Today we will talk about internal slopes.
Renovation of the apartment, ch.2
Косметический ремонт квартиры, ч.2Having finished the first, preparatory stage of renovation connected with a primer and filling of walls and a ceiling it is a high time to start a choice of wall-paper and paints, to registration of a ceiling, and work with a floor covering. Dare, create and equip the house so that to you in it it was good and cozy!
Renovation of the apartment, p.1
Косметический ремонт квартиры, ч.1For each of us there comes the life period under the name "apartment renovation". How to choose reliable crew and to be saved from force majeur situations?! Without having found the answer, many prefer to be engaged in repair of the dwelling with own hand. Especially as renovation of the apartment will be on forces even to the beginner, however, to the hardworking and persistent beginner.
How to choose an entrance door
Как выбрать входную дверьThis article I and we will try to understand culture of entrance doors. We considered all highlights of a choice of entrance doors. Of course, within one article it is difficult to make it, but we tried. It is necessary to notice that only 1 of 5 thefts occurs power breaking – physical destruction of your door. Other 4 is an intellectual breaking.
Installation of an entrance metal door
Установка входной металлической двериInstallation of an entrance door is made at the first stages of apartment renovation. This work, of course, can be entrusted the firm which is engaged in sale and together with it installation of doors. But if for any reason all of you decide to establish doors by the hands, in the form of the step-by-step instruction will tell, all process consists of what stages.
Alignment of walls
Выравнивание стенBecause "conscientious" builders put up walls and perform plaster works often "approximately" which has a big error, quality of work turns out not at height. So, for example, the partition with a sufficient length of a wall can easily go in the center on 10 cm, and even more, to any party.
Alignment of a floor
Выравнивание полаThe floor bases in the majority of apartments serve construction plates which often have not an equal surface. It leads to differences of level of a floor on 5-10 cm, and sometimes and more. Naturally on such surface it is impossible to put any covering therefore the floor should be leveled. Let's talk in detail about the process.
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