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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Rules of care of a nephrolepis
Правила ухода за нефролеписомNephrolepis – one of the most beautiful ferns. It azhurno the cut big light green leaves perfectly look in spacious rooms, halls, office rooms. Such fern positively influences and power, an ecological situation of that space in which it lives.
Instruction on application of a bearberry
Инструкция по применению толокнянкиHaving noticed in the rarefied pine pine forest or on a forest edge a bearberry ordinary, a small low shrub with evergreen, leathery leaflets, from far away it is possible to take for cowberry. Its dried-up leaves packed into beautiful boxes can be got in a drugstore. This valuable medicine. So than the bearberry is useful?
Medicinal properties of a Labrador tea
Лечебные свойства багульникаMany know a Labrador tea under other name – a marsh incense. Its pronounced resinous aroma though reminds an incense smell, but nevertheless is "much more rough" and is not used for preparation of odorous mixes. The Labrador tea is appreciated other its qualities – it helps to get rid of many diseases, to prolong life and to keep a good health.
Geranium, leaving in house conditions
Пеларгония, уход в домашних условияхIt is possible to call the geranium giving magnificent caps of bright inflorescences from spring to November a favourite plant of many flower growers. A sort it from South Africa therefore the pot with a flower can be placed at the southern window where the most part of day intensive sunshine reign. The plant not only is beautiful, but also shows curative properties.
Medicinal properties of a shepherd's bag
Лечебные свойства пастушьей сумкиThe speech in our article will go not about that swag that hangs behind shoulders at the shepherd going with herd to water meadows, and about the herb having such unusual name. Bursa pastoris – so say it in Latin, is literally translated as "a shepherd's bag".
Useful properties of a geranium
Полезные свойства гераниHouseplants serve for creation of a cozy house situation but who told, what thus they cannot bring benefit? Some representatives of a vegetable kingdom combine in themselves business with pleasure, for example, a gold mustache, an aloe, a kalanchoe, a geranium … Many associate a geranium with small cozy kitchen on a visit at the grandmother or the Soviet era, but that that the plant is familiar to all – the fact.
Useful properties of a helba
Полезные свойства хельбыLong since was considered that on the curative properties of a helb it is capable to replace one thousand drugs. In the ancient time it was considered nearly as panacea, today it is used generally as seasoning by those who adheres to healthy food.
Care of a poinsettia
Уход за пуансетиейPoinsettia – the fine plant blossoming before Christmas holidays. Any parties and celebrations take place in the house where there is a poinsettia, cheerfully and interestingly. In everyone she inhales good mood, it becomes joyful and pleasant to people from communication with each other.
Care of the shefflery
Уход за шеффлеройNow in cafe, hairdressing salons, offices, beauty shops, private cottages it is possible to meet a small tree or a bush with a rozetochny form of growth and leaves which look remotely reminds a palm with the fingers which are widely placed up. It is a sheffler, belonging to family araliyevy.
Care of a cissus
Уход за циссусомMany of us, wishing not to lose touch with the nature, and also for creation in the house of the harmonious and cozy atmosphere, place houseplants on shelves, supports and window sills. Among them also simple lianas in leaving which, as well as grapes, are capable to cling to any support – a decorative lattice, the tense strings meet.
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