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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Advantage and harm of pistachios
Польза и вред фисташекAt the word "pistachios" many people have at once an association with beer and good rest. But the tasty snack is only the tenth share of where it is possible to apply this nut. There is a lot of useful properties in pistachios that they are used in traditional medicine for treatment of a number of diseases.
Advantage and harm of corn porridge
Польза и вред кукурузной кашиThe corn has a set of names – the queen of fields, a maize, a divine grass, but what name she would not bear, it does not change its role in human life. Thousands of years she rescued people from hunger, gave a roof and heat, and today corn porridge can be prepared at itself in kitchen. Grain costs not much and therefore can indulge himself with porridge any.
Medicinal properties of a nutmeg
Лечебные свойства мускатного орехаSome people consider it as spice which gives to a dish unusual aroma. There are opinions that it possesses curative properties and is capable to relieve of many diseases. The speech will go about a nutmeg today, to apply which follows extremely carefully.
Recipe of baked pudding from vegetable marrows
Рецепт запеканки из кабачковVegetable marrows – useful and tasty vegetable from which it is possible to prepare literally everything: fritters, snack, mashed potatoes, ragout and even baked pudding. If you never tasted vegetable marrows casserole, we suggest you to fill up the cookbook with one more recipe for every day!
Recipes of rolls from an unleavened wheat cake
Рецепты рулетиков из лавашаGuests already on a threshold, and you could not them be treated? It is reparable, only fifteen minutes, and the tasty snack is already ready. And it is possible to make useful rolls of an unleavened wheat cake from those products which are available in the refrigerator of each hostess.
How to prepare pilaf in Uzbek
Как приготовить плов по-узбекскиPilaf is very tasty and nourishing dish which any hostess can prepare. Each people have the recipe of preparation. Today we will prepare traditional Uzbek pilaf.
Recipe of jam from carrots
Рецепт варенья из морковиThere are products about which as it seems to us, we know everything. For example – carrots. Usually she acts as a component of any dish and it is difficult to present that from this vegetable it is possible to prepare something unusual. It appears it is possible – a fragrant dessert.
Recipe of herring oil
Рецепт селедочного маслаIf guests already on a threshold, and for preparation of your house specialty there is no time, give on a table simple, but very tasty snack – herring oil sandwiches. Preparation of this dish will take only a few minutes, and guests for certain will estimate your culinary talent.
Recipe of water-melon honey
Рецепт арбузного медаWhen we think of honey, first of all we remember nectar which is developed by bees. Any other product seems artificial. But it not so. In east countries recipes of honey from vegetables, fruit and berries pass from father to son. One of the most popular delicacies is nardek or water-melon honey.
The recipe of a mannik with apples
Рецепт манника с яблокамиFragrant apples pie is familiar to all of us since early years. In kindergarten earlier often gave for a mid-morning snack a mannik. Not to express its delightful aroma and gentle taste in words.
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