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Articles concerning civil, housing, tax, labor and other branches of the right. Help in paperwork, explanation of provisions of contracts, etc. legal issues.
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The administrative penalty to pay or not
Административный штраф, платить или нетOne of ways of preservation of an order in the state and submission of citizens to the law is administrative responsibility. Making any offense which result can be an infliction of harm material or moral concerning the state or citizens, and also concerning their property, we make an administrative offense.
Registration and use of a maternity capital
Оформление и использование материнского капиталаIn support of the families having children, the Government of the Russian Federation created the special program. One of components of this program is the maternity capital. But, in spite of the fact that the program works within 2,5 years, many still have questions that this such and as it can be used.
Procedure of acceptance of inheritance
Процедура принятия наследстваAbout unpleasant surprises it is better to foreknow and be prepared that then it was possible to be delighted sincerely. The inheritance can become one of such surprises. I suggest readers of to deal with that who can expect such gift and as it is correct to accept it or to be prepared for it.
Dismissal at the initiative of the employer
Увольнение по инициативе работодателяFor anybody not a secret that relationship of the employer and the worker are regulated by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. The code begins with definition of the purpose of its creation. From its name it becomes already clear that the labor code is necessary to govern the labor relations of the parties, to solve disputable situations, and also as much as possible to protect interests of both parties.
How to avoid deprivation of the driving license
Как избежать лишения водительских правEvery third resident of Russia has the privately owned vehicle. The car is necessary always and everywhere, not very well, for what purpose you use the favourite car. The main thing that if to take away opportunity to take the wheel, to insert a key into ignition and to go habitually at way for the road from you, you will feel the restrained.
Payment and collecting the alimony on children
Уплата и взыскание алиментов на детейOften after divorce children as lose not only love and care of the second parent, but also his material security with a chipped washing-tub lose. Also it turns out because alimentary obligations are not established in general, or the parent living separately does not pay them. The main justification the phrase "sounds why I have to pay she (he)?".
Divorce order
Порядок расторжения бракаOnce long ago I had to endure divorce. Many years later you start understanding that, getting divorced "in blind", without knowledge of laws, many mistakes were made. They are remediable and are not critical, but thanks to these mistakes, it is necessary to hark back. Therefore it would be desirable to share the got experience and overdue knowledge on this subject.
As it is correct to make and make the complaint
Как правильно составить и подать жалобуAt each person, at least once in life appears an occasion to complain in authorities. Complain of neighbors, dishonest employers, incompetent doctors, unfair sellers, etc. Weighty your proofs and arguments would not be what to receive the prompt, definite, competent reply and the solution of your problem – it is necessary to complain correctly.
Conclusion of the marriage contract
Заключение брачного договораAccording to the family code the marriage contract is an agreement between spouses or people who are going to become them, about the rights for property and duties during marriage, and also on a case of its cancellation. will not press in search of the reasons, and will talk how to warn negative consequences for itself in the future.
Obtaining license for carrying the weapon
Получение лицензии на ношение оружияIn the previous articles about self-defense of considered some samples, available to protection, and found out that for acquisition of stun guns and gas sprays it is enough only existence of majority while for purchase of the traumatic weapon it is necessary also the special license.
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