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Useful tips on sport. Articles about sports food (how to grow thin and gain weight), exercise machines, clothes, footwear, etc. sport goods. And also information about summer, winter, water, strength sports.
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Occupations strip plasticity Exercises
Занятия стрип-пластикойNow a strip plasticity it is very popular with women. This one of the directions of dancing aerobics combining a mix of beautiful movements from modern, classical, ball choreography, acting skills and art of seduction.
Food before training Exercises
Питание до и после тренировкиThere are many myths how it is necessary to eat before trainings. Someone says that it is necessary to train on a hungry stomach, someone claims that after classes it is necessary to close a mouth on the lock and crumbs. Also very inconsistent opinions on the water use.
How to choose the elliptic exercise machine Sports goods
Как выбрать эллиптический тренажёрToday will tell about the simple and effective house shell helping to grow thin, strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems of an organism. It is called the elliptic exercise machine, the cross-trainer. It represents a hybrid of a racetrack, a velosimulator and the stepper.
Trampolining Exercises
Прыжки на батутеIt is possible to call the amateur trampoline gaining in recent years the increasing popularity the entertaining exercise machine for kids and adults which can be placed at dacha or at home.
How to choose skates Winter types
Как выбрать конькиWith approach of winter the increasing popularity is gained by such sport as skating. And presently it is possible to skate both in the summer, and in the winter with great pleasure, now there is a wide choice of good skating rinks.
How to learn to do a somersault Exercises
Как научиться делать сальтоToday power trainings of friends you will not surprise with visit of a gym and occupations. The healthy lifestyle all becomes fashionable quicker. And here if to learn to do some feint like a somersault, here already to the person you will not remain unattended. The only thing "but" – to the adult to learn to do a somersault it is difficult. Crying for there is nothing for the moon.
Choice of a children's sports complex Sports goods
Выбор детского спортивного комплексаToday will tell about one means capable to tame the uneasy mischievous person, to send energy of the hyperactive child to the necessary course, will please the "house" meek creature. The speech in our article will go about a children's sports complex. It can become a useful gift both for the boy, and for the girl, well influencing health and physical development.
What is "drying of a body" Exercises
Что такое «сушка тела»First of all, let's find out that such drying of a body to exclude confusion between concepts: drying is equated often mistakenly to "zhiroszhiganiye", and even in general to "weight loss". Meanwhile, these concepts – not synonyms.
Advantage of swimming Exercises
Польза плаванияSuch sport as swimming was known since ancient times. Still other centuries back in Egypt to teach children was considered to float very honourable work. And the huge attention because exercises in water were was paid to occupations and is guarantee of good health. During swimming work of an internal, blood circulation improves, there is an organism hardening.
How to choose a velosimulator Sports goods
Как выбрать велотренажёрThe decision on acquisition of a sports equipment for the house comes when you understand that to find time for visit of improving clubs and sports halls it is not possible as try. It is necessary to tell that more often such problem arises at people family.
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