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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to do depilation Beauty and health
Как делать депиляциюEach woman always wants to look ideally therefore she always tries to watch herself. One of the main problems is smooth skin of feet, zones of bikini and armpits. We women always watch that on these places there were no hair especially as men not only like to look at beautiful female legs but also to touch them.
How to choose a hair color Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как выбрать цвет волосPeople dye hair for various reasons. Correctly chosen hair color does eyes brighter, and complexion – more exactly. But, unfortunately, can leave and vice versa: new color will add ten years and will make noticeable all wrinkles and defects of skin. Therefore it is correct to choose a hair color very important, and our article will help not to make mistakes in this responsible business.
How to grow thin after the delivery Beauty and health
Как похудеть после родовThis question, undoubtedly, disturbs each young mother. That was added for pregnancy in a waist and hips, for some reason after the delivery did not evaporate … And what now to do? How to grow thin after the delivery and to become again a harmonous birch? For weight loss there is a mass of ways. Will tell about it.
Hairdresses from braids in the African style Hairstyles and hairdresses
Прически из косичек в африканском стилеHow long ago there were braids, perhaps, precisely already anybody and does not know. From ancient manuscripts it became known that "" this type of a hairdress was fashionable for 2000 B.C. Cultures closely intertwined among themselves, at modern Slavic latitudes there was a large number of kinds of braids, and will tell about them today.
Fashion for the summer 2009 Clothes
Мода на лето 2009On the autumn weeks of fashion devoted to spring and summer of 2009, designers allowed women to carry everything that emphasizes their tenderness, feminity, appeal, and at the same time to be courageous, sexual and modern. The summer – is a high time to try fashionable novelties. Who knows, maybe, you will find for yourself new style?
How to choose shampoo Cosmetics and perfumery
Как выбрать шампуньIn what state there are hair a lot of things speak about the person, and it is not surprising that appearance of hair can have or push away from their owner. For this reason all of us try to give them the best look. The first means on care of hair is shampoo and on correctness of its choice depends not only beauty, but also health of hair.
Fashion glasses spring-summer 2009 Accessories
Модные очки весна-лето 2009Within this article will not repeat and will pass to the review of fashionable tendencies for the spring-summer 2009. Naturally, the speech only about sunglasses. In their modern market the huge number, but, as we know, is presented and in this sphere of goods there are orders of the day which with arrival of a new season change and supplemented.
Treatment by oxygen (kislorodoterapiya) Beauty and health
Лечение кислородом (кислородотерапия)In modern life oxygen became not simply one of the elements necessary for normal activity, and medicine of healing from a set of diseases. In this quality oxygen is applied in the different ways – both internally, and outwardly. The uniform sense of any procedure of a kislorodoterapiya consists in saturation by oxygen of an organism or its separate fabrics.
Myths about fat burning Beauty and health
Мифы о сжигании жираThe whole world is puzzled with questions of excess weight. As mushrooms breed articles about various techniques of burning of fat, about wonderful disappearance of a stomach by means of any cucumber diet or about full disposal of cellulitis of the eighty-year-old housewife. Let's sort on fingers some of the most widespread myths about weight loss.
Rules of causing autosuntan Cosmetics and perfumery
Правила нанесения автозагараBeauty shops offer autosuntan service where literally from top to toe will process you a spray with special solution. Such service costs from 800 rubles, depending on the city and salon. But it is possible to achieve approximately same result and at home, besides, that the price of service will be equal to means cost (from 160 rubles) and to your efforts.
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