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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Care of a neck and area of a decollete Beauty and health
Уход за шеей и областью декольтеThe watching herself, well-groomed woman cannot be ugly. Naturally, our natural beauty is very vulnerable and needs a permanent care. And so far as concerns a neck and area of a decollete, here leaving is required especially careful. Otherwise already to 30-that to years skin loses the fresh complexion. To avoid it, start looking after a neck directly today.
Care of male skin Beauty and health
Уход за мужской кожейSeveral years ago the phrase "man's cosmetics" caused sincere misunderstanding and even bewilderment. And today the cosmetic arsenal of the man at best consists of shaving foam, cream after shaving and soap for washing. And after all use of necessary cosmetics promotes preservation not only youth, but also health of skin of the man.
How to choose a face cream Cosmetics and perfumery
Как выбрать крем для лицаTill 25 years, as a rule, there are no special problems with face skin. And further in preservation of beauty it is not necessary to count on natural prerequisites already. Skin dries, the content of useful fats decreases, blood circulation is slowed down. And here creams become the first assistants to the woman. However, to decide on a choice, having come to modern shop, not so easily.
Fashion for the winter 2010 Clothes
Мода на зиму 2010The female fashion this winter is very elegant – in each of the main directions. A little monotonous collections of clothes for winter of 2009/2010 represent the complete antithesis to bright spring and summer collections. Let's look, what trends became the main in the current season.
We choose product handmade Accessories
Выбираем handmade изделияThe things made the hands are always unique. Sometimes leads deficiency, sometimes desire to be distinguished from others, to give an original gift or simply love to needlework to their creation. Anyway that call the foreign word "handmade", has the indisputable advantages.
How to make lips chubby Beauty and health
Как сделать губы пухлымиBeautiful juicy sponges are not only the fashion, is a symbol of sexuality, youth, and also result of the correct care of skin of lips. Of course, the form and the size of lips is predetermined genetically, whom than the nature awarded, but careful leaving and a competent make-up are capable to work wonders. Think of plastic surgery? Hold your horses!
Care of a body in a bath Beauty and health
Уход за телом в банеBathing procedures make salutary impact on an organism in general, the body is exempted from the collected slags, skin is cleared, there is a feeling of harmony of a body and spirit. Therefore to go to a bath, pleasantly to take a steam bath and it is useful for people of any age. In this article I want to share the experience applications in a bath of various means for improvement of properties of skin.
Rules of a healthy sleep Beauty and health
Правила здорового снаHow many it is necessary for the person to sleep, in how many to lay down? Whether the dream is so necessary for the person or it is a habit of which it is possible to get rid? How to struggle with sleeplessness? I will try to answer readers of in this article these and many other questions.
Face peel Beauty and health
Чистка лицаRefer various procedures which are connected with removal of inflammations on skin, eels, heat-spots and other small troubles to face peel. One of the procedures connected with face peel can consider also peelings which also delete the become lifeless cages and stimulate updating and rejuvenation of face skin. Initially its rasparivaniye was considered as face peel.
How quickly to grow thin before holiday Beauty and health
Как быстро похудеть перед отпускомYou did not think yet how to get rid of extra kilos? Then this article especially for you! In it will make recommendations as quickly and effectively to make a body tightened and beautiful at most in two weeks. Following these recommendations, in two weeks you will be able to dump from 4 to 8 kg, strengthen muscles of a back, a stomach and feet.
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