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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to choose the perfume Cosmetics and perfumery
Как выбрать свой парфюмToday perfume is an obligatory component of a fine female image. That aroma corresponded to internal feeling, it is important to pick up it correctly. The perfume which is ideally suited for the woman is capable to work wonders: in its embraces you will always feel like the queen. On the contrary, even the smell slightly unpleasant to your sense of smell can spoil mood.
Ways of setting of scarfs Accessories
Способы завязывания платковYou sometime reflected how to diversify the clothes without big expenses. The answer is very simple: by means of scarfs and scarves. Skillfully tied scarf shows refined taste of the owner and unconditionally attracts all eyes of people around. Even the most boring office suit can be "recovered" by means of a scarf.
How to get rid of black points Beauty and health
Как избавиться от черных точекComedones (or simply – black points) can develop at the person at any age, since the teenage. They appear owing to pollution of skin and not only dust. Black points look not attractively, is repellent even for their "owner". It is possible to reduce them, observing daily hygiene and carrying out deep face peel from time to time.
Manicure in house conditions Beauty and health
Маникюр в домашних условияхIt is known that it is possible to judge age of the woman on a condition of skin on her hands and a neck. Therefore, if there is a wish that handles looked young and attractively, and without special monetary and time expenditure, it is necessary to look after them periodically. The most pleasant that without problems it is possible to do it in house conditions.
Sugar epilation in house conditions Beauty and health
Сахарная эпиляция в домашних условияхEach modern woman for certain reflected more than once on a problem of removal of excess hair on a body, and, it is desirable, for the long period of time. To cope with this task possibly and independently in house conditions, without being spent for expensive procedures. It will be necessary for us: lemon juice, sugar, water and quantity of free time.
As it is correct to put things in a case Clothes
Как правильно складывать вещи в шкафуLiving in the small room, I am fond of fashion and style. The modest size the space does not prevent me to own an impressive collection of accessories and does possible to update the clothes though every day. My case – my friend because I know how to put things compactly and how to use space reasonably. Also you learn it.
Exercises for correction of a figure Beauty and health
Упражнения для коррекции фигурыI work with model 5 years. All these years I persistently watch myself. And if not the set of exercises for all body which I carry out every day, me would be more difficult to be been in good shape. Your weight, growth or type of a figure is not important at all - any woman can carry out these exercises. Only your spirit is important, after all the complex is calculated on daily loadings.
We choose hours for sea tour Accessories
Выбираем часы для отдыха на мореDiving, surfing, skubadayving, water ski, kayting – without them cannot be presented active summer holiday. Many hour brands have in the collections of model, calculated on occupations by water sports. Let's understand, what hours will be suitable for diving, and what, say, for surfing.
How to choose the vibrating massager Beauty and health
Как выбрать вибромассажерThe mankind is inimitable! Snachalo "invented" cellulitis, and then and means against it – the vibrating massager. Many of us for the first time saw the vibrating massager in advertizing where the fragile girl stood near a certain rack with belts which serially massed that its slender waist, tiny hips. Whether this device is so effective and as to choose it, we will tell in this article.
How to select clothes for stout women Clothes
Как подбирать одежду для полных женщинIn not such and far times of the Soviet Union any of modern top models would not make success at men. Unfortunately, now at all ladies which figure is far of 90-60-90, on mind one – to grow thin at any cost. But, it appears, it is possible to look more harmonous, having only skillfully picked up clothes and footwear. And we will tell how to hide "weight" shortcomings and to emphasize advantages.
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