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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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We choose a massage table Beauty and health
Выбираем массажный столRecently massage tables are in demand not only for experts. Many people periodically resort to massage services as to a way of restoration, a relaxation and treatment of illnesses. For them own table becomes rather necessary subject of use allowing to simplify search of the massage therapist and thus to save on the cost of procedures.
Care of lips Beauty and health
Уход за губамиLips of girls attracted attention of men still for a long time. But sometimes it is so difficult to bring them into a due look and to make an admiration subject. Blood vessels are located very close, there are no sebaceous glands and the surface is extremely thin. Therefore let's learn look after lips correctly.
Use of cosmetic clay Cosmetics and perfumery
Применение косметической глиныFor maintenance of beauty and youth of skin of the woman are ready to go on a lot of things. But sometimes the solution is much simpler, than it seems to us. Sometimes it is worth addressing to the means checked centuries and approved by millions of women. We will also talk about one of such means. Undoubtedly, all heard about such natural material as clay.
Application of a lemon for beauty and health Beauty and health
Применение лимона для красоты и здоровьяWe use a lemon almost daily in the form of a dried peel, pulp or juice. And that it is worth drinking known Russian tradition tea with a lemon! Why the lemon gained such wide circulation? Of course, because of its useful properties. Let's talk more particularly how it is necessary to use a lemon to receive the maximum advantage for beauty and health of all organism.
How to choose a purse Accessories
Как выбрать кошелекPurse it is not simple an accessory, but also one of those things which show the status of the person, his financial position, existence or lack of taste and sense of style. Besides the purse is used daily and carries out important function – storage of money. Therefore it is worth approaching a choice and purchase of a purse attentively.
Care of skin of hands Beauty and health
Уход за кожей рукThe first impression leaves a huge mark on further communication and perception of the person. Therefore we watch the person, a figure, clothes, we do manicure and still a huge number of procedures. Women do masks and a face lifting, and hands all the same will give out age and a hard work. Let's not touch upon a subject of manicure and nails, we will talk about skin of hands.
How to keep youth Beauty and health
Как сохранить молодостьYouth is given to each person and gradually leaves. Even many centuries ago people tried to look younger. Now, when medicine, apparently, already at height, it is possible to look much younger. However, to look after itself it is desirable to begin at that age when traces of age it is not noticeable yet neither on a face, nor in the movement.
Use of essential oils Cosmetics and perfumery
Применение эфирных маселEssential oils are the whole world of smells and aromas, with a wide range of impact on a human body. One aromas will help to relax, remove a stress. Others, on the contrary, can have the toning effect on an organism. And still it is the natural storeroom for beauty and health of your body. What oils and for what to use? We now will also talk about it.
How to get rid of inflammations and rashes on a face Beauty and health
Как избавиться от воспалений и высыпаний на лицеThe face of the person is the first, on what we pay attention at a meeting. Therefore it is so important that face skin was healthy, pure and well-groomed. The problem of rashes and inflammations on a face is actual both for teenagers, and for already adult women and men. The period of the greatest activity falls on 14-35 years. Let's consider the most effective remedies of treatment of face skin.
Restoration of the injured hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Восстановление поврежденных волосHealthy and beautiful hair it is indisputable pride of any woman. Well, you see, the girl with a magnificent head of hear simply should be noticed! To catch at similar views, to look effective and attractive, women go on a set of cunnings. Result – the injured hair and problems of head skin. Both that, and another demands special treatment and leaving.
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