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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Whether black magic it is worth risking The unknown
Черная магия стоит ли рисковатьAt the words "black magic" the imagination draws terrible pictures: lords of darkness, priests in masks, sacrifices, spells in unknown languages... Today will tell you that such the black magic, whether can be any person the sorcerer and whether it is worth achieving the this way.
That we know about a fireball The unknown
Что мы знаем о шаровой молнииThe fear of the person most often proceeds from ignorance. Very few people are afraid of a usual lightning — a spark electric discharge — and all know how to behave during a thunder-storm. But that such the fireball, whether is dangerous it and what to do if you faced this phenomenon? Also will tell about it today.
The curing force of hands The unknown
Исцеляющая сила рукRemember how it was sick when you fell in the early childhood. But always mother came to the rescue. Will stroke, will kiss the hurt place — and pain, in literal and figurative sense, it vanished as if by magic! Also will tell about a magic power of your hands.
Values of runes The unknown
Значения рун already devoted earlier the little readers in sacrament of guessing on runes. And the one who became interested in art of guessing on runes, very quickly will get up before a problem of how to interpret that runes show.
Where it is possible to bathe in Moscow Rest and entertainments
Где можно купаться в МосквеTo Moscow the heat crept imperceptibly. Stem of thermometer rises, as in that song: "everything is higher, both above, and above", and "not to hide, not to disappear from a heat". The only rescue – water. To choose suitable water for external application, study the list of the places for bathing resolved by Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the city of Moscow.
The lie detector at employment Work
Детектор лжи при приеме на работуYou decided to get a job in major company, and in a human resources department say that you have to undergo testing on the lie detector. And, before check to you will allow to sign paper that you decided to be tested voluntary. You are tormented by doubts. On the one hand, you came to work with pure thoughts. And on the other hand, simply it is properly unpleasant to you.
Power vampires who they are and how to be protected The unknown
Энергетические вампиры, кто они и как защититьсяDay differed in nothing from similar, but here evening only came, and you already feel the pressing fatigue, drowsiness, a body aches, mood on zero. And you try to understand, what you so unsettled, or who? The answer one – your forces was selected by the power vampire.
We choose a gift to the woman Holidays
Выбираем подарок женщинеEach man knows that on birthday or the 8th of March the woman waits as a gift for flowers, a festive dinner and the washed ware. Something also prompts to the man that it is necessary to get a gift to the half, and also mother, female colleagues, daughters, perhaps, even to the neigbour, but here what exactly to present – is a big problem.
We choose a gift to the man Holidays
Выбираем подарок мужчинеAmong all nations only at Russians there are a lot of holidays in a calendar. The man knows that to present to other man, and the woman should work well before she is able to pick up a suitable gift. is ready to share as it is easy to solve a gift choice problem for the man.
As it is correct to choose a profession Work
Как правильно выбрать профессию"Whom do you want to be when you grow up?", - perhaps, this question enters the five of the most popular questions which adults like to set to absolutely small children. But here safely passed ten years of school life, the graduation party inevitably approaches, and sacramental "Whom to be?" everything disturbs soul and reason and the grown-up child, and his parents more strongly.
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