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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Care of hair during pregnancy Hairstyles and hairdresses
Уход за волосами во время беременностиPregnancy – the period when in an organism of the woman there is a set of changes in all systems of an organism. Hair become not an exception also. Someone will tell that they became a krasha, and someone – that they lost a former look. And important is a question not so much here about their beauty (which can be corrected), as about their loss that can horrify future mother.
How to make highlighting Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать мелированиеToday highlighting – one of the most popular ways of coloring of hair. Highlighting differs from usual painting of hair in uneven coloring of separate locks. The effect of more magnificent and dense hairdress is as a result created. If you cannot address to beauty shop, highlighting can be carried out in house conditions, having asked the girlfriend about the help.
How to choose means for removal of a make-up Cosmetics and perfumery
Как выбрать средство для снятия макияжаEach woman tries to look beautifully. To it the decorative cosmetics which allows to create a unique unique image comes to the help. But to be attractive, except a decor care of face skin and bodies is necessary. One of such means is means for removal of a make-up. Demakiyazh it has to be carried out correctly and by means of suitable means.
How to cure split ends of hair Beauty and health
Как вылечить секущиеся кончики волосHealthy hair are a not only attractive appearance, first of all, it is image of any person. To keep hair, behind them careful leaving is necessary. But conditions of modern life are far from the ideal. All this does not pass completely for your hair, they grow dull, become thinner, split, drop out. These problems are solved by systematic care of hair.
Motivation for weight loss Beauty and health
Мотивация для похуденияIt seems to me, each woman at least once in life aimed to lose weight, but not everyone reached it. Tiresome physical activities and restrictions in food would not be so heavy, if not an indispensable condition of their performance – a regularity and duration in time. If the problem in motivation and it falls, it is necessary to support her.
Clothes during pregnancy Clothes
Гардероб во время беременностиSo, you learned that will become mother soon. One of the first thoughts which visited your lucid mind will become: "Oho, so it it is necessary to update clothes quickly!". The main thing – do not panic. On the contrary, be adjusted on that soon you will be engaged in shopping, to receive positive emotions and to sport in brand new dresses.
Botox – youth injections Beauty and health
Ботокс – инъекции молодостиWrinkles do not decorate the woman. They give out age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even professional care of skin will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles by means of Botox injections, I will tell in article. Only at once it should be noted that their efficiency is strictly individual. But with each subsequent prick the effect "collects".
As it is correct to iron Clothes
Как правильно гладитьTo look tidy, it is not enough to follow rules of personal hygiene. Our appearance depends on clothes which have to be not only pure much, but also well ironed., It seems, also there is nothing difficult in an ironing, but actually there are rules, observing which it is possible besides to facilitate considerably to itself work.
We choose a massage chair! Beauty and health
Выбираем массажное кресло!The first-ever full-fledged robot doctor, namely it is also a hi-tech massage chair, appeared in Japan. Certainly, pragmatic Americans could not stand aside, and in the market of chairs of the American production long it was not necessary to wait for emergence. Only the consumer benefited from it. However availability of robots massage therapists generated also a choice problem.
Pigmentation of skin during pregnancy Beauty and health
Пигментация кожи во время беременностиDuring the second pregnancy faced such very unpleasant phenomenon as pigmentation. Despite all my shifts, having returned from a week trip at the sea, I with horror found big light brown spots on a forehead and cheekbones, and on a nose of a freckle increased and started merging. Having visited the cosmetologist and having studied information, understood for herself some moments.
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