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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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How to choose a gift on a wedding Holidays
Как выбрать подарок на свадьбуFound a wedding invitation in the mailbox? We congratulate! Now it is a high time to reflect on a choice of a gift to the young. Also it is possible to think long that it is accepted to give on a wedding, to wander about shops in search of something original or it is simple to look council on the pages.
That is necessary for the Epiphany ceremony Religion
Что нужно для обряда КрещенияEpiphany – one of seven church sacraments. And the human consciousness fully cannot understand sacrament, this such sacred action, which essence, at least, yet not passed from this temporary life, in life eternal. At the Epiphany of people it is washed from a fall of man, and also from all sins, sodeyanny by him to this sacrament.
What sex is wanted by the woman Rest and entertainments
Какого секса хочет женщинаWhat sex is wanted by the woman? Ask this question of the man not the first millennium. Each of us, has certain desires and imaginations. Often they are indistinct and various, but nevertheless, have certain main outlines. Give together with we will try to understand, after all having solved though some of them can be excited female desire fine.
Guessing on a coffee thick The unknown
Гадание на кофейной гущеBeginning day with coffee, whether someone from you reflected, what in coffee stains on a cup the Destiny can be written down? Whether you thought to try to learn, what signs are born in itself by a coffee thick. Yes?! Well, well, today just will also be engaged in the story about the widespread principles of guessing on a coffee thick and interpretation of symbols.
How to behave on interview Work
Как вести себя на собеседованииAfter reading announcements the potential worker finds the suitable offer on employment and after a while it appears on interview at the employer. And often it happens so that the quite good expert cannot have interview because of different trifles. How to avoid a similar situation, staying as the competitor, and will tell in this article.
How to conduct interview (councils to the employer) Work
Как провести собеседование (советы работодателю)"Shots solve everything", – spoke in Soviet period. Times changed now, but, nevertheless, shots still solve if not everything, a lot of things. From that, the personnel is picked how competently up, success of work of the company in many respects depends.
Magic of jewels The unknown
Магия драгоценных камнейAt all times stones were considered as one of the best charms and mascots which are carrying out magic and medical functions. The stone choice — process very difficult, also consists it not in comparison of a facet, color and size in carats at all. Today will tell you about ways of definition of "the" stone and than it can help you.
How to attract money The unknown
Как привлечь деньгиAt you in pockets feast today and fast tomorrow? You work hard, however cannot achieve stable prosperity and with envy look towards neighbors who especially do not strain and thus do not need money? Today will open some such secrets though you perhaps already know some.
As it is correct to lay a holiday table Holidays
Как правильно сервировать праздничный столAt you reception is planned for evening, you called many guests and want to create the atmosphere of solemnity and a holiday. One of the main elements of any reception is festively served table. We will provide the basic rules which allow to lay the table correctly in the article
White magic - help yourself The unknown
Белая магия - помоги себе самLast time told you about black magic. The turn white, that which is associated with kind spirits, light and protection, and something the whispering grandmothers healers came. Today you receive practical recommendations as by means of white magic not to allow the evil to the house, to help and protect yourself and relatives.
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The 72-year-old British Ken Morrish grew up two-color apple. A half of a fruit red, a half — green. Ken himself is very surprised. Claims that for this purpose did nothing. Probability of emergence of such apple one on one million. Quite perhaps - a photoshop.