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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Guessing on tarot cards: rules and mistakes The unknown
Гадание на картах Таро: правила и ошибкиTaro – a pack. More precisely, pack type because actually there are many different packs of Taro – for example Marseilles Taro, Taro Teney, etc. In a modern type of Taro it is known since the XVI century. Then the pack from 78 sheets – 22 Senior Lassos and 56 Younger though in some packs also empty cards meet was finally issued.
What to consider at the organization of a wedding Holidays
Что учесть при организации свадьбыSo, you were defined: the wedding will be... And what now? With what to begin? First of all, keep in mind that all the time which you have, needs to be used most effectively. You will also not notice how those half a year will quickly rush that remained to a wedding. A lot of things it is necessary to be in time at the organization of a wedding, and thus to miss nothing.
What is the magic of the voodoo The unknown
Что такое магия вудуWhether you heard about such esoteric system as to Wood. Many people confuse, the magic called to Wood (Voodoun) with known magic practice – Senteria (Senteria) who originates in Cuba. The many people are associated often to Wood with the real black magic and in any way differently. Of course it absolutely not so, and such statement is not true.
Choice of the host on a wedding Services
Выбор тамады на свадьбуWedding for newlyweds – a significant event. One of aspects of a successful wedding is the choice of the host. There is an opinion that ninety percent of success of your wedding banquet depend on it. Therefore it is necessary to treat a choice of the leader very seriously. Therefore makes some efficient recommendations about a choice of the host for your wedding.
If you the witness at a wedding Holidays
Если вы свидетель на свадьбеIn life there can be everyone. And if one fine day your friend or the girlfriend tells you about the intention to marry, and about intention, the extremely serious – that there's nothing to be done. Why the witness at a wedding is necessary and that yours expects. in today's article gives answers to these and other questions.
The most demanded professions Work
Самые востребованные профессииToday interests many, what professions are most perspective for work and successful career growth. Let's agree that today at us conversation on professions which demand existence of a certain special knowledge will go. At once we will note that prepared this material not for those who looks for the highest paid work.
Orthodox ceremonies of burial and commemoration of the deceased Religion
Православные обряды погребения и поминовения усопшихSuch state of peace when the person is subject to death, will be before the most second coming on Lord Jesus's earth. Therefore prayers of the people living on the earth to God, about rest deceased, will rise till the end of this world. will tell about the most important of these prayers: burial service, memorial services and a commemoration deceased on the liturgy of preparation.
What to do if it became boring Rest and entertainments
Что делать, если стало скучноDoctors claim that it becomes boring for all of us when passes enthusiasm and feeling of novelty. Of course, still nobody was bored to death. However it can cause you many problems and sufferings. The boredom pulls down a personal self-assessment of the person, causes a depression. considers that with boredom there is a medicine. Here some ways which will help you to make life more interesting.
As passes the Epiphany ceremony Religion
Как проходит обряд КрещенияWe see the first data on a baptism reported to us from the Scriptus in the Gospel. In it it is told about the sermon of the forerunner Christ, John the Baptist, to the people Judaic, coming to it to the river Jordan where this great prophet christened them. In plans of to tell how now in Russia passes sacrament of the Epiphany according to the settled traditions of Orthodox Church.
Wedding ceremony in church Religion
Обряд венчания в церквиMany processes happening on the earth, in particular between people bear in themselves an image of greater spiritual phenomena. Is not an exception and marriage which is made in an image of the union of Christ with Church. The orthodox Church crowns only believers, and people of an opposite sex, baptized in Christ, persons interested to fasten, and to consecrate with good fortune of the Spirit Svyaty the matrimonial union.
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