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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to gather in a stomach to the man Beauty and health
Как убрать живот мужчинеThe reasons for which the man has a stomach, can be different, but methods of fight against it are almost identical to all. The pot-belly is not only it is ugly, it also the considerable excess weight that is in turn very unhealthy. Our task not only to gather in a stomach, but not to allow it to grow again. You have satisfaction from result, will see changes in a body.
Removal of spots from clothes in house conditions Clothes
Удаление пятен с одежды в домашних условияхFor certain you had to have feeling of disappointment at the sight of the very unpleasant spot on a favourite blouse or trousers. Happens especially sadly when because of emergence of a spot it is necessary to leave the fallen in love thing. Hold your horses. Many spots are subject to removal, and it is even not obligatory to address in a dry-cleaner. Of course, if it is about small single spots.
How to iron trousers and a shirt Clothes
Как гладить брюки и рубашкуTrousers with shooters appeared nearly two centuries ago. Now it is an integral part of classical clothes. Many men and their faithful companions of life daily test the mass of the inconveniences connected with an ironing of trousers. Our grant with step-by-step photos will help you with an ironing of trousers, and also jeans and shirts.
How to choose a bag on castors Accessories
Как выбрать сумку на колесикахTraveling bag on castors – extremely important and necessary thing in economy. Almost all people need to go, fly, float somewhere from time to time, whether it be holiday, business trip or visit to relatives or friends. Let's understand that it is important to consider at a choice to get really reliable bag for trips and travel.
How to clean a sheepskin coat Clothes
Как почистить дубленкуSheepskin coat – a thing gentle, noble and not too practical. Over time any sheepskin coat "incorporates" dust, is salted on cuffs and near pockets, becomes covered by spots from a rain, fat or dirt. And to remove similar pollution oh as it is not simple. Do not hurry to hand over a sheepskin coat in a usual dry-cleaner, it is possible to take certain measures and at home.
Cosmetics for nails Beauty and health
Косметика для ногтейThe image of the modern person, the man it or the woman, is not complete if it has not well-groomed nails. Beautiful nails are, first of all, healthy nails. And their health depends on many factors: heredities, ecology, features of work, food, and also how to look after them. Sometimes incorrectly made manicure can lead to problems with nails.
Care of a breast Beauty and health
Уход за грудьюFor a long time disputes on parameters of an ideal breast are conducted, but still nobody came to a consensus. I consider and has to be! The ideal breast can be different, both big, and small, but its main distinctive feature is an elasticity and smartness. It turns out, each of us can become the owner of an ideal breast if it is correct to look after her.
How to choose a mink coat Clothes
Как выбрать норковую шубуThe fur coat is not a sheepskin coat. She is not afraid of a rain, is practical and long will not get out of fashion. But this statement is fair only for qualitative products. To choose a fur coat not so simply – in the market it is a lot of fakes, shortcomings of skins skillfully mask, and sellers will start talking and a discount will entice. And to choose your fur coat, it is necessary to try on not one ten.
How to erase a down-padded coat in the washing machine Clothes
Как стирать пуховик в стиральной машинеThe down-padded coat is in each family now – in it warmly, it weightless and madly practical! But, as well as any thing, a down-padded coat is soiled and is quite frequent. How to wash a down-padded coat in the washing machine that it did not turn into a windbreaker?! It is very important to choose the correct mode for washing of a down-padded coat. Also the speed of an extraction and a way of drying matters.
How to iron men's shirts Clothes
Как гладить мужские рубашкиWithout knowledge of rules any business will fall at you from hands. The similar situation is observed and in the sphere of an ironing of shirts. Shirts accompany us all life, from the cradle and till the last o'clock. Therefore the nobility how to iron a shirt, it is just necessary for all and everyone, starting with the housewife and finishing the most inveterate bachelor happy with the status.
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