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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to get off the notions of compulsion Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от навязчивых мыслейEach person in the life faces the notions of compulsion. They can be shown in the form of doubts: Whether "I switched off a plate?", whether "I closed water?" etc. Such thoughts are considered as norm and do not demand any correction. But, if they become a daily habit and find the reflection in other spheres of life, it speaks about existence of neurosis of the notions of compulsion.
How to find a subject for conversation Psychology of the relations
Как найти тему для разговораThere are such situations when that left alone with the person whom you saw for the first time. But conversation for some reason needs to be started. And what to do? Reject constraint aside and follow these simple, but very effective manuals how to start conversation with the stranger and to find a subject for communication.
How to live after change to the husband Psychology of the relations
Как жить после измены мужуYou wanted some new feelings, it was sad, you were unfortunate or annoyed – all this together could lead to that you fooled around. And now do not know what to do, suffer from a remorse, feel rage in relation to yourself, are bent under weight of sense of guilt. How to behave? To tell the husband or it is not necessary? And what will be farther now?
Manipulations in communication Psychology of the relations
Манипуляции в общенииManipulations in communication of people meet almost everywhere. And the technician of a manipulation exists great variety. Certainly, they can cut to the quick and cause unpleasant emotions. But it is quite possible to resist to manipulations – it is necessary to be trained only a little. And then it is possible to transfer any manipulation to the course of civilized, open dialogue.
How to get rid of phobias Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от фобийThe word "phobia" happens from Greek "fear" though modern psychologists are inclined to differentiate these two concepts. The phobia is a panic fear something. This state in which the person absolutely loses control over himself. Let's try to understand how to arrive in case the panic fear prevents you to live and what to do if the frightening situation already overtook you.
Communication with introverts, councils and subtleties Psychology of the relations
Общение с интровертами, советы и тонкостиEach of us met quiet, hardly noticeable, not sociable persons. Introverts are considered nearly as alien odd fellows and avoid them. And in vain – the introversion is not pathology, and it is possible to communicate with them not only, but also it is necessary. It is necessary to be able simply. Generally, the introvert is "the person in a box". But not in cardboard and smelly, and in the cozy and favourite box.
Emotional burning out Psychology of the personality
Эмоциональное выгораниеThe term "emotional burning out" (burn out) arose relatively recently. Emotional burning out comes when the person throughout a long time spends emotional energy, practically without having opportunity to fill up it. In "group of risk" physicians, psychologists, teachers, social workers. Though representatives of other professions are also subject to it.
How to cope with excitement Psychology of the personality
Как справиться с волнениемShiver in hands, the turning-in knees, uncertainty in a voice, reddening of skin, the running look, the dizziness floating dreamily subjects – some of these feelings are for certain familiar to those who experiences excitement in important situations. The reasons of such state can be a little, but all of them are connected with fear, and in most cases unreasonable.
How to get rid of envy Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от завистиAs bitterly happens to find in the destroying, humiliating feeling – envy! This emotion can become so strong that is capable to destroy to the person life. No matter, to that we envy: to wealth, success, beauty or popularity. The main thing – to understand itself and to overcome negative thoughts. And as a result to become free from the depressing emotions.
How to decide on divorce Psychology of the relations
Как решиться на разводThere came the next evening in the family circle when at heart it is not joyful at all, and the thought again comes to mind: "And can divorce?". For a start I want to tell that at least once this question arose at each person who is married. If the thought of divorce becomes more and more persistent, it is time to resort to the deep analysis, whether really it is necessary.
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