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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Rest in Mountain Altai, a camp site Heart of Altai
Отдых на Горном Алтае, турбаза Сердце АлтаяI wanted to visit Mountain Altai long ago. I heard many good reviews from friends and acquaintances about rest in Mountain Altai. But the last straw which overflowed a bowl of my patience was the last year's trip of the husband to Altai Republic. Delighted reviews of the husband of the nature of this highland finally convinced to look at the Altai beauty own eyes.
Rest in Yalta
Отдых в ЯлтеMy first appointment to the Crimea took place many years ago when I was still a child. And children's impressions usually the brightest also remain for the rest of life. I very much wanted to visit in the Crimea again. And my desire was carried out, however, in thirty years. I had a rest with the already adult son in sanatorium of S. M. Kirov in Yalta.
Travel to Red caves, Crimea
Путешествие в Красные пещеры, КрымI managed to visit Red caves already at conscious age in spite of the fact that we live from the natural boundary the Cornel Coba where there are caves, rather nearby. Having chosen not hot summer Saturday day, we with the husband went actively and culturally to have a rest. Excursion lasts hour. It passes by the equipped and lit part of a cave.
Rest in Kenya
Отдых в КенииNot everyone, having heard the name of this country, will understand, where it. But if you the fan of extreme sports and in the childhood dreamed of a safari, at you eyes by all means will light up. Kenya is really fantastic country of the dark continent. There is everything: and the mountain tops covered with snow and snow-white beaches, dense rainforests and hot deserts. From local color captures spirit.
Visit of the Novosibirsk zoo
Посещение Новосибирского зоопаркаI very much like to walk on the Novosibirsk zoo. Here it is possible to spend perfectly time with friends, with children. Here it is possible to find a secluded place to be alone alone with the nature. During existence of park among trees "houses" for animals, huge dinosaurs, numerous cafes and attractions for children, the fountain and fine flowers grew.
Excursion to the Livadiysky palace
Экскурсия в Ливадийский дворецNear Yalta, in the settlement of Livadiya, the refined and elegant Livadiysky palace is located. It is similar to the big white ship floating on green waves of vegetation of the Crimean coast. Despite the stocky and extended design, palace looks easy and graceful. Special charm gives it contrast of snow-white walls with juicy greens of the southern trees.
Excursion in the Yalta zoo Fairy tale
Экскурсия в ялтинский зоопарк СказкаI will tell honestly, I am not the biggest fan of zoos. Therefore when on the seventh month of pregnancy the husband decided "to walk me culturally" and brought to "Fairy tale", I was delighted not. But curiosity nevertheless got the best (girlfriends told about this zoo and all much as one it was praised) therefore I agreed to excursion. Also did not regret for a minute.
Sights of Colombia
Достопримечательности КолумбииThe countries of Latin America are not something exotic for the Russian travelers any more. But Colombia still remains a riddle which units from among daredevils reach. Still stereotypes about this country are too strong. Those travelers who decided to visit here, tell that "the only risk that to you will want to remain".
Travel round the Boden Sea
Путешествие вокруг Боденского озераThe average person in a day overcomes a route from the house before work and back. And how about that in one day to manage to visit three countries? For example, to have breakfast in Germany, to walk under the midday sun of Austria and to make an evening promenade in Switzerland? For the tourist who on travel every minute on the account, does not have anything more simply.
Rest on the island Phuket, Thailand
Отдых на острове Пхукет, ТаиландThailand, island Phuket. It is some special world, the fairy tale to which you get from gray everyday life. On Phuket it is very beautiful! The island literally is buried in juicy verdure of tropics. Around all smile: Thais because at them it is so accepted, and tourists because they on vacation, and at them everything is excellent! Everyone will find in this town something special, as a hobby and bodies.
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