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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
Exercises: all articles
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Прыжки на батутеIt is possible to call the amateur trampoline gaining in recent years the increasing popularity the entertaining exercise machine for kids and adults which can be placed at dacha or at home.
How to learn to do a somersault
Как научиться делать сальтоToday power trainings of friends you will not surprise with visit of a gym and occupations. The healthy lifestyle all becomes fashionable quicker. And here if to learn to do some feint like a somersault, here already to the person you will not remain unattended. The only thing "but" – to the adult to learn to do a somersault it is difficult. Crying for there is nothing for the moon.
What is "drying of a body"
Что такое «сушка тела»First of all, let's find out that such drying of a body to exclude confusion between concepts: drying is equated often mistakenly to "zhiroszhiganiye", and even in general to "weight loss". Meanwhile, these concepts – not synonyms.
Advantage of swimming
Польза плаванияSuch sport as swimming was known since ancient times. Still other centuries back in Egypt to teach children was considered to float very honourable work. And the huge attention because exercises in water were was paid to occupations and is guarantee of good health. During swimming work of an internal, blood circulation improves, there is an organism hardening.
Pair yoga
Парная йогаThe pair yoga becomes more popular. It does not represent century tradition, it appeared recently. Development of pair yoga was influenced by occupation by pair Tantric technicians. In the course of trainings when the instructor helps the pupils on occupations, also there was a formation of pair yoga.
How to develop flexibility
Как развить гибкостьThe sports, flexible, brawny person is associated with health, youth, ease and activity. Scientists proved for a long time that "inner clock" of the person (his biological age), is directly connected with its flexibility.
Circular training
Круговая тренировкаCircular training becomes popular both at men, and at women. All the matter is that circular training burns bigger quantity of calories, than aerobic training. The main difference is that when burning enough fat circular training due to power exercises keeps your muscles.
Councils for fat burning
Советы по сжиганию жираThe fitness coach, in the work, comes up against various situations and questions from the clients. Very often ask me questions on weight reduction at the expense of fat, but not muscles. On the one hand, our genes are guilty of everything. With another, many people, without realizing that, ruined the metabolism since the childhood. How to burn all excess fat in an organism?
How to strengthen to the child of a muscle of a back
Как укрепить ребенку мышцы спиныDaily, any first grader, spends about 3 hours in a sitting position. But "plot" against weak muscles of a back on it does not come to an end, the child carries a heavy backpack or a bag. How to prevent deterioration of a bearing of the child? By the regular actions directed on strengthening of all muscles of a back and an abdominal tension.
Nordic walking – fitness and health
Нордическая ходьба – фитнес и здоровьеNot so long ago there was a new type of fitness – Nordic walking (it still call Scandinavian). Nordic walking is a walking with the sticks very similar on ski. There was it in the seventies in Finland. It is possible to be engaged in Nordic walking both in the winter, and in the summer, and on mountain paths, and on equal sidewalks of city parks. It surely forces out jogging.
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