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Councils for the organization of holidays. Original scenarios of holding anniversaries, birthday, weddings, New Year's and other holidays. How to choose gifts, cards, toasts learn in this section.
Holidays: all articles
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What to consider at the organization of a wedding
Что учесть при организации свадьбыSo, you were defined: the wedding will be... And what now? With what to begin? First of all, keep in mind that all the time which you have, needs to be used most effectively. You will also not notice how those half a year will quickly rush that remained to a wedding. A lot of things it is necessary to be in time at the organization of a wedding, and thus to miss nothing.
If you the witness at a wedding
Если вы свидетель на свадьбеIn life there can be everyone. And if one fine day your friend or the girlfriend tells you about the intention to marry, and about intention, the extremely serious – that there's nothing to be done. Why the witness at a wedding is necessary and that yours expects. in today's article gives answers to these and other questions.
How to choose a gift on a wedding
Как выбрать подарок на свадьбуFound a wedding invitation in the mailbox? We congratulate! Now it is a high time to reflect on a choice of a gift to the young. Also it is possible to think long that it is accepted to give on a wedding, to wander about shops in search of something original or it is simple to look council on the pages.
As it is correct to lay a holiday table
Как правильно сервировать праздничный столAt you reception is planned for evening, you called many guests and want to create the atmosphere of solemnity and a holiday. One of the main elements of any reception is festively served table. We will provide the basic rules which allow to lay the table correctly in the article
We choose a gift to the woman
Выбираем подарок женщинеEach man knows that on birthday or the 8th of March the woman waits as a gift for flowers, a festive dinner and the washed ware. Something also prompts to the man that it is necessary to get a gift to the half, and also mother, female colleagues, daughters, perhaps, even to the neigbour, but here what exactly to present – is a big problem.
We choose a gift to the man
Выбираем подарок мужчинеAmong all nations only at Russians there are a lot of holidays in a calendar. The man knows that to present to other man, and the woman should work well before she is able to pick up a suitable gift. is ready to share as it is easy to solve a gift choice problem for the man.
We choose a bouquet of flowers
Выбираем букет цветовWhether it happened to you to stand at the fragrant counter forced by bouquets of flowers and painfully to deliberate: "And which bouquet to present?" For certain you not once got to such situation when a wide choice does not facilitate, and only complicates your task – to present to the woman flowers.
Ideas of gifts by March 8
Идеи подарков к 8 мартаHow many tortures this day – delivers on March 8 to men... What gift to choose? How to present it? And whom, at last, to congratulate? Darling – by itself, mother – not to forget. And still there are sisters, nieces and even mothers-in-law... Brrr! Yes from where it in general undertook, this holiday? And here from where...
Hard drinking - as to avoid it
Запой - как его избежатьHard drinking … and what was before? A cheerful holiday in the friendly pleasant company, for the morning – a hangover and again continuation of a holiday, and so indefinitely. Or, for example, periodic removal of fatigue behind a shot glass - another after work is gradually regarded, as something "in the nature of things".
As we choose gifts
Как мы выбираем подаркиWhat we choose gifts? Of course – gifts happen the most different, and it is difficult to argue with it. The romantic person will present flowers, jewelry or simply a lovely, touching knickknack. More practical nature will prefer to present as a gift a subject from among household appliances or, say, in general will present money. And to tell for what of approaches better or worse it is simply impossible …
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