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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Hairstyles and hairdresses: all articles
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How to make shampoo the hands
Как сделать шампунь своими рукамиAll of you still believe, what expensive store shampoo, according to advertizing, is capable to work wonders? Having got long-awaited wonderful means for considerable money, run in a bathroom, in hope having washed up hair, to see a shock of a brilliant thick and obedient hair, and gain a boomerang effect. How to be? To whom to trust? Try to make shampoo the hands.
Why hair turn gray
Почему седеют волосыSometimes little grandsons ask the grandmothers and grandfathers which age passed for pension why the head of them white as at a dandelion. Also hear in reply the words told with grief: "It is an old age it is guilty".
Биозавивка волосWho from us never dreamed to have magnificent ringlets or small ringlets? Especially, if the fine hair, "liquid" and deprived of volume. It was one option earlier – in such situation only "chemistry" helped out. And today for women of fashion there is a huge number of opportunities to look as the Hollywood beauties.
When it is better to cut hair
Когда лучше стричь волосыOur ancestors attached huge significance to numbers and days of week, and procedures for care of appearance were equivalent to magic ritual. People in everything relied on the nature.
Hair dressing in house conditions
Укладка волос в домашних условияхAll of us have heard a lot about eternal aspiration of women to beauty and identity. I think, nobody will begin to challenge that fact that the considerable part in it is assigned, of course, to a hairdress.
How to give volume to hair
Как придать объем волосамWhat woman does not dream to attract at one stroke the hair all eyes of men. And if on the head of pathetic ten hairs, it is difficult to apply for a rank "Miss Universe". But, as we know, the beauty of the woman depends on her desire to be beautiful therefore it is quite possible to create a beautiful volume hairdress from any hair. Knows about secrets of transformation.
What is better a hairbrush for hair
Какая лучше расческа для волосEach woman dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. And that hair were surely strong and long, it is necessary to look after them correctly: to use the strengthening shampoos, masks, properly to eat. And still it is necessary to comb the hair correctly picked up hairbrushes, after all the beauty of your hair depends and on this small, but very necessary tool.
Shielding of hair
Экранирование волосFor anybody not a secret that female hair all the year round need careful and careful leaving. And if to consider that sometimes ourselves add problems use of the hair dryer, coloring, and also we forget that hair do not love the scorching sun, a frost. I think, each woman would like to find panacea from these problems and always to have not only a beautiful, but also healthy head of hear.
How to clarify hair in house conditions
Как осветлить волосы в домашних условияхIt is considered that the nature already at the birth picked up for us ideally suitable hair color but as it is frequent to us, women want to change own appearance, it is simplest to make it elementary having recoloured hair in other color.
Hairstyle hot scissors
Стрижка горячими ножницамиAt modern ecology, a way of life and culture of food, the continuous, not always sparing coloring and infinite use of hair dryers and irons, heavy to keep health of hair if it is necessary to tell.
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