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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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With what to wear a long skirt
С чем носить длинную юбкуLong skirts were not for nothing fallen in love to representatives of a fine half of mankind, after all with their help it is possible to create a unique and elegant image and that is important, this type of clothes allows to feel most conveniently and comfortably. However that the dress looked effectively, it is necessary to know with what it is better to combine a long skirt.
With what to wear jeans
С чем носить джинсыIn the modern world hardly there will be a person in which clothes there are no jeans. It, probably, the only article of clothing which has such fascinating story. There were they in the middle of the 20th century as working clothes, and then managed to become an inspiration subject for designers.
With what to carry jack boots
С чем носить ботфортыJack boots (fr. bottes fortes) — the cavalry boots with high tops having above attached valves (bells) closing a knee. Sounds not really romantically.
We choose underwear as a gift on the Internet
Выбираем нижнее белье в подарок в ИнтернетеIn the modern world gains the increasing popularity, so-called, Internet shopping, that is, purchase of goods on the Internet. Agree, it is convenient when it is not necessary to run on shops in search of things necessary for us. Various clothes, including underwear, it is possible to choose and buy online.
How to stretch jeans
Как растянуть джинсыIt is considered that in clothes of each person there has to be at least one good pair of jeans. With full confidence it is possible to tell that it is a basic detail of clothes as men, and women.
As it is correct to pick up a bra
Как правильно подобрать бюстгальтерMany women at a choice of a brassiere are guided only by its appearance. It is a mistake because this element of clothes of the woman has to be obligatory comfortable and convenient. Truly picked up bra will be able to save a breast from microinjuries, and also to protect the woman from problems with a back and other unpleasant moments.
With what to wear a skirt pencil
С чем носить юбку-карандашSkirt pencil – the most universal and classical way to decorate the woman of any age and build. She ideally hides shortcomings and emphasizes advantages and, perhaps, already will never get out of fashion. And if to put on it with the "correct" things and accessories, a skirt pencil it will become simple a well of your clothes.
Fashion 2013-2014
Мода 2013-2014In a new fashionable season fall-winter 2013-2014 we expect a set of pleasant surprises. But about everything one after another. Already weeks of fashion in the main fashionable towns of the world – Milan, Paris, New York and London died down, and now it is possible to choose safely for himself a new fashionable image.
How to wash jeans
Как стирать джинсыJeans – indispensable attribute female, man's and even children's clothes. In them both on walk, and on a disco, and on rest. Fashionably, stylishly, conveniently. But jeans happen different and not only on color and it is important to know how it is correct to wash them and to remove spots from this fabric (classical denim – 100% kotton). Let's study careful washing of favourite jeans together!
How to choose a t-shirt
Как выбрать футболкуBoth in man's, and in female clothes there is one detail, invariable throughout many generations, and these are t-shirts. Such quantity of a choice of t-shirts as now, probably, was never earlier. It is possible to allocate classical (basic), evening, daily and there are a lot of other types of t-shirts, and also a huge number of their stylistic directions.
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