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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to lower sugar in blood
Как понизить сахар в кровиAt healthy people sugar level in blood keeps at the certain level, usually it is equal 3,5 – 5 mmol/l. Increase of glucose in an organism is fraught with many diseases, the most serious of them - diabetes. Today it is one of the most widespread illnesses. For this reason it is extremely important to know ways of depreciation of sugar in blood.
How to increase body temperature
Как повысить температуру телаNormal body temperature of the healthy person makes 36,6 °C. Depending on time of day and specific features of an organism this indicator can slightly deviate in this or that party. But excessive decrease or temperature increase is considered the pathological state demanding intervention.
The raised hemoglobin at women
Повышенный гемоглобин у женщинRather seldom, but nevertheless the raised content of hemoglobin in blood at women meets. This state is not norm and can testify to some failures and violations in an organism. If at the woman the increased hemoglobin level is revealed, it is necessary to make expanded medical examination for the purpose of identification of the reasons of this phenomenon and an exception (or treatments) pathologies.
Language sleep reasons
Причины онемения языкаWithout having medical education, most it is very difficult to define, what disease dangerous and at what it is possible and to postpone visit to the doctor. For example, language sleep. It would seem, such trifle, itself will pass, and after all this symptom can signal about a dangerous illness.
How to treat cones for pricks
Как лечить шишки от уколовVery often we should give injections. But not always for the sake of this procedure we visit a procedural office of policlinic, we rely a thicket on relatives or people who assure that can masterly give injections. And, if such people are not or absolutely there is no money to pay their services, injections are given to themselves in front of the mirror.
How to choose the nebulizer
Как выбрать небулайзерWith cold weather approach there is a probability of frequent colds. And to cure annoying cough syrups and tablets not always it turns out. If you look for an effective method of disposal of cold symptoms in house conditions, then you need to get the nebulizer.
Treatment of cough zhzheny sugar
Лечение кашля жженым сахаромIn the childhood I was the lively child, constantly ran and jumped therefore also colds "clung" to me often. Especially difficult cough responded to treatment. That only mother did not do: both gave syrups, and the breast pounded, and even forced to drink opposite onions juice with milk – everything was uselessly. And then the grandmother interfered with treatment and offered me simple tasty medicine.
As becomes tyubazh in house conditions
Как делается тюбаж в домашних условияхIn our heavy time when an ecological situation awful, and food irregular and not house, the liver and a gall bladder most of all suffer. To help this body filter, it is necessary to carry out several times a year tyubazh. This procedure is usually appointed by the doctor and is carried out in the conditions of a hospital, but at observance of a number of simple rules, it can be carried out and in house conditions.
Treatment of the increased acidity of a stomach
Лечение повышенной кислотности желудкаIt would seem, what can be dangerous in the increased acidity of a stomach, except unpleasant feelings? But actually such state is not so harmless as can seem at first sight. Excessive production of hydrochloric acid is capable to provoke a number of dangerous diseases: or gastroduodenit gastritis, stomach ulcer.
The dryness reasons in a mouth
Причины сухости во ртуDryness in a mouth – quite widespread phenomenon which at least once in life practically each person faced. This problem even has the medical name – a kserostomiya. At first sight can seem that in such state there is nothing terrible, but sometimes dryness in a mouth testifies to existence of certain diseases.
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