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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Geksoral's application
Применение ГексоралаGeksoral – one of the modern preparations helping to facilitate the unpleasant feelings arising at an inflammation in a throat. Many people already checked its medical action on themselves. will acquaint readers with structure, indications to application, ways of use and contraindications for this medicine.
Viprosal's application
Применение ВипросалаMost of people with fear and fear concern to snakes who are associated at them only with deadly stings. But poison of snakes is capable not only to kill, but also to treat some diseases. After long studying of snake poison pharmacologists created some preparations on its basis. One of them – ointment Viprosal.
Tenoten's application
Применение ТенотенаThe homeopathic medicine Tenoten is intended for treatment of neurosises, he provides with oxygen a brain and improves work of the central nervous system, fights against uneasiness, fears. It is appointed both to adults, and children.
Amaril's application
Применение АмарилаWHO predicts that the number having diabetes on all planet by 2025 will exceed three hundred million people. And, 90% from them the diagnosis "diabetes of the second type" will be made. For such people pharmacologists created the preparations capable to reduce concentration of sugar in blood. Amaryl also treats this group of the preparations called by hypoglycemic means.
Use of Interferon
Применение ИнтерферонаInterferon is quite popular means which is used widely in prevention and treatment of various infectious diseases, and also some types of tumors. This preparation is capable not only to cope with reproduction of viruses in an organism, but also to render salutary effect on immune system of the person.
Application of a neyromultivit
Применение нейромультивитаFor maintenance of an organism during the autumn and winter period, and also for complex treatment of diseases of neuralgic character, good results are rendered by an available preparation with a complex of vitamins of group B.
Advantage of hematogen
Польза гематогенаThis tasty delicacy is familiar to us since the childhood. As soon as we crossed a drugstore threshold, at once asked mother to buy a hematogen tile. None of children also did not guess its advantage, and parents rejoiced because thus the organism received useful substance for development – iron.
Instruction on Kontraktubeks's application
Инструкция по применению КонтрактубексаIt is possible to call the combined preparation of Kontraktubeks the most sold means used for treatment of hems. Many patients report that after prolonged use of this gel ugly educations on skin became almost imperceptible. Efficiency of this medicine is confirmed a number of clinical trials.
Use of sintomitsinovy ointment
Применение синтомициновой мазиSintomitsinovy ointment – quite popular antibacterial means which helps to struggle with various infectious and inflammatory diseases of integuments. The Liniment of a sintomitsin is considered the budgetary medicine which can be got in any drugstore for quite modest money, but thus effectiveness of a preparation is checked and proved not by one generation.
Fermatron's application
Применение ФерматронаNow, unfortunately, more and more inhabitants of the world to some extent suffer from diseases of joints. Earlier many defeats connected with aging. But now these pathologies reveal and at young people. What to undertake if pain does not allow to make the movement, to work, lead a habitual life? In some cases experts appoint intra articulate injections of Fermatron.
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