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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Carrying a bandage at pregnancy
Ношение бандажа при беременностиWhen the woman carries the child, her husband, parents and other relatives try to do everything possible that not to refuse to her anything. As soon as the tummy starts appearing, future mummy starts worrying, perhaps, it is already time to buy special linen and a bandage?
Sage for conception
Шалфей для зачатияFor a long time people considered a sage as storage of phytohormones but as these elements influence an organism, up to the end by science is not studied. It is considered that they play a role of catalysts. On the structure phytohormones are similar to female hormones an estrogen and can replace them, if not completely, then partially. Therefore the sage is used often for treatment of infertility.
Abundance of water at pregnancy
Многоводие при беременностиSome of us, hearing such diagnosis as abundance of water during pregnancy, do not attach it special significance. Many consider that a little bigger amount of water, than is approved on norm – the problem, the main thing is small that there were no pathologies. However, according to doctors, such condition of an organism can bear danger, both for mother, and for future kid.
Treatment of an endotservitsit
Лечение эндоцервицитаThe diagnosis endotservitsit is put at detection of an inflammation in a mucous membrane of the tservikalny channel of a neck of a uterus. Directly the name of a disease comes from two words: "эндо" – it is translated as "internal", and "цервикс" – the uterus neck means. In medical practice the illness meets also under the names "ektopiya" or "uterus neck pseudo-erosion".
Lack of water at pregnancy
Маловодие при беременностиLack of water is a pathological state during pregnancy which designates a lack of amniotic liquid in a placenta. Such problem meets at 20% of pregnant women and is fraught with serious complications for the kid and mother.
False pregnancy
Ложная беременностьFalse pregnancy is the quite rare and low-studied phenomenon of mental character. At such syndrome at the woman all signs of "interesting situation" are shown: differences of mood, toxicosis, violation of a menstrual cycle, increase in volumes of a waist and stomach, however all this is pure illusion.
Stimulation of an ovulation folk remedies
Стимуляция овуляции народными средствамиThe impossibility to conceive the child is quite widespread problem in the modern world. The reasons for that there can be a set: various diseases of urinogenital system, hormonal failures, malfunctions in man's health, and also lack of an ovulation at the woman. If the last does pregnancy of the called factors impossible, it is possible to resort in folk remedies.
Headache at pregnancy
Головная боль при беременностиMethods of fight against a headache at everyone the. One escape Citramonum tablet, others – the heat weakening bath with essential oils. And what to do if the head hurts future mother, after all many habitual ways to overcome this trouble are contraindicated to pregnant women?
Vertical childbirth
Вертикальные родыVertical childbirth is an ancient way of a rodorazresheniye which women use many centuries in a row. This technique differs from traditional childbirth in that the patrimonial act happens in any situation: standing, sitting, on a lap, but only without lying. However what stumbling blocks between supporters and critics of such equipment of permission of pregnancy are?
Whether pregnant women can sleep on a stomach
Можно ли беременным спать на животеThroughout all life at each person the habits are developed. One of such habits is the dream on a stomach. It would seem, anything terrible in that is not present, but for the pregnant woman such position of a body during a dream can do much harm.
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