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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Diet No. 15
Диета №15The diet No. 15 is considered a transitional diet to usual food. She is usually appointed patient who do not need observance of any special medical diets. The purpose of this diet is providing normal and good nutrition in hospital conditions.
Menu of a diet No. 4
Меню диеты №4The diet No. 4 is one of power supply systems which was developed for treatment of a number of diseases of professor Pevzner in due time. This diet is applied at intestines diseases in a sharp or chronic form in the period of an aggravation at which pronounced violation of normal digestion is noted.
Diet of models
Диета моделейIt is no secret that models need to keep the figure constantly. After all even small problems with an excess weight can affect their career quite negatively. Always to support itself in the necessary form, some options of special diets which and are called – diets of models were developed for models.
Menu of a diet No. 3
Меню диеты №3In due time the famous doctor and the scientist M. I. Pevzner developed system of special food which intended for treatment of a number of diseases. These diets are successfully applied and to this day. One of such diets is the diet No. 3.
Zhelchegonny products
Желчегонные продуктыIn norm in our organism all bodies and systems have to work harmoniously and in coordination. Anything casual in an organism it is not developed. For example, our liver has to develop every day bile in volume, equal 500 milliliters or a little more is for the adult.
Atkins's diet
Диета АткинсаThis diet exists more than 40 years. It was developed by the cardiologist from America Robert Atkins as individual means of weight loss. Though later he decided to publish the principles of the diet and as a result over time this technique of weight loss became popular around the world. For the first time the Doctor published weight loss techniques in the book "Revolutionary Diet of Doctor Atkins" which was published in 1972.
Menu of a diet No. 2
Меню диеты №2The diet No. 2 is one of medical power supply systems which were developed by Manuil Isaakovich Pevzner. This diet intends for treatment of sharp gastritises, colitis, enterit during recovery. Also the indication to application of a diet No. 2 are chronic forms of gastritises with insufficient development of a gastric secret, and also colitis during remission.
Menu of a diet No. 1
Меню диеты №1This diet is usually appointed at stomach ulcer and an ulcer of intestines to stages of the fading aggravation, and also during the period recovery and during restoration. Thus diet duration usually makes from three to five months.
Menu of a bezuglevodny diet
Меню безуглеводной диетыThe main essence of this diet is clear already from the name. Though this diet is based not on full refusal of carbohydrates at all. A basis of this diet – minimum content of carbohydrates in a food allowance. Therefore it is safely possible to call it and low-carbohydrate.
Menu of a diet of an angel
Меню диеты ангелаSo harmonious name hides under itself quite rigid diet. Perhaps, it was called quite so because observance of this diet requires really the patience of job.
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