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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of eczema folk remedies
Лечение экземы народными средствамиEczema is a chronic allergic reaction which is shown in the form of rash from small bubbles. If in time not to diagnose an illness and not to take the appropriate measures, bubbles will be succeeded by gnoynichka, and on skin there will be scars. How to avoid deplorable consequences and to keep smooth healthy skin?
Treatment of a contracture of Dyupyuitren
Лечение контрактуры ДюпюитренаDyupyuitren's contracture is a disease which is characterized by emergence of cicatricial fabric under skin in a palm. Because of what there is a change of a fastion. Hems cover some sinews providing hvatatelny functions of all fingers on hands. Over time educations can progress and be thickened. Quite often in the struck zones there are dimples.
Omission of a kidney, symptoms and treatment
Опущение почки, симптомы и лечениеOne of the most often found diseases which reveal at ultrasonic research at urological patients is the pathological mobility of kidneys conducting to omission of kidneys (nefroptoz). Most often this problem meet at women aged till 40 years.
Hypertensive crisis, reasons and treatment
Гипертонический криз, причины и лечениеAt many people, especially at elderly people, problems with a blood pressure are often observed. Violations in work of cardiovascular system can lead to such dangerous state as hypertensive crisis. This disease is expressed in sharp increase of arterial pressure therefore there is a risk of development of a set of serious consequences.
Treatment of a hypothalamic syndrome
Лечение гипоталамического синдромаThe hypothalamic syndrome is not an independent disease. It starts developing because of extensive defeat of a gipotalamus. Thus this pathology is followed by violations of work of an internal and a metabolism in all organism. This illness can become aggravated at any age, but most often it becomes one of symptoms of emergence of the main disease.
Treatment of myocarditis
Лечение миокардитаUnder the term "myocarditis" the inflammation of a cardiac muscle owing to what the main functions assigned to "the main motor" of the person – excitability, conductivity and a sokratimost are broken disappears.
Treatment of an adenoz
Лечение аденозаMany mistakenly consider a breast cancer as the most widespread illness which touches a female breast. Actually, for health of women most often constitute danger of a tumor of good-quality character, such, as, for example, adenoz a mammary gland.
Treatment of atrophic rhinitis
Лечение атрофического ринитаAtrophic rhinitis – one of the most frequent the ENT specialist diseases. At children meets much less often, than at adults. It is diagnosed in 2,5% of cases for school students. This disease is chronic and is characterized by an atrophy of a mucous membrane of a nose and its nervous terminations.
Treatment of the milkwoman at men
Лечение молочницы у мужчинThe milkwoman is the general name of the infections caused by sort Candida fungi. In medical terminology this disease is called candidiasis. It is considered to be that this problem is widespread among the female population of the planet, however and men periodically suffer from a similar illness.
Treatment of a disgidroz
Лечение дисгидрозаDisgidroz - a skin disease which affects channels of sweat glands, corking them. As a result on brushes and soles of feet there are itching reddenings and hypostases with small transparent bubbles. The science christened this kind of eczema recurrent ekzematozny dermatitis.
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