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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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What to do if the child lies
Что делать, если ребенок вретUntil the child grows up and will reach serious adult life, parents should pass through much joyful and sometimes unpleasant moments. And the children's lie is the next test. Psychologists advise not to waste time and in time to stop this negative phenomenon, it is necessary to understand lie and to find out its reasons. So why children lie?
What to do if the child steals
Что делать, если ребенок воруетThe subject of children's theft is known to many parents. This problem usually belongs to "shameful" and to allow within its powers sometimes not to all. If you learned that the child stole, do not hurry to shout, abuse and punish! In this situation it is important to arrive so that it is not simple to resolve a situation, and to find its reason and to prevent negative actions in the future.
How to disaccustom the child to fight
Как отучить ребенка дратьсяMany people expert in children's pedagogics and psychology assure that, distributing beaters, the squabbler, first of all, draws attention. Perhaps, it does not have enough mother's tenderness or joint games with the father. For this reason at such moments the family is obliged to keep a united front, reaction of parents to blows and pinches has to be unambiguous.
Games and toys for development of a small motility
Игры и игрушки для развития мелкой моторикиWise parents promote all-round development of the child from first years of life. We drive children on the developing occupations, we include to kids the developing animated films and we spend with children time in games, reading books. But whether so we wisely approach purchase of toys for our children? After all even expensive multipurpose toy will not necessarily bring benefit to your child.
How to choose an arena
Как выбрать манежThe first months after appearance of the kid were troublesome. But while the child lay in a bed or a carriage, mother for a while quietly could leave him. But here he learned to turn over on a tummy, then to creep. As soon as the child begins independently it is a high time to move, so to buy an arena. He protects the kid from dangers about which he does not suspect yet.
What to do if the child refuses a breast
Что делать, если ребенок отказывается от грудиRefusal of a breast meets not so seldom as all mothers would like. Because of what there is such problem and whether it is possible to overcome it independently – here the main questions which are asked to themselves by parents, having come up against this situation. It is necessary to remember that in case of refusal from a breast it is necessary to work as soon as possible if you want to continue breastfeeding.
What to do if the husband does not help with the child
Что делать, если муж не помогает с ребенкомYour man does not take any part in education of children? Such problem is quite widespread. Future fathers refer to a great lot of the reasons: a hard work and a lack of time, banal ignorance how to behave with the kid, that only the woman has to take care of children! What to do if the husband does not help with the child, and you simply are ready to drop?
How to choose a stool for feeding
Как выбрать стульчик для кормленияYours butuz it is already proud holds a back and got sharp teeth? And the world around studies where more intensively, than before? I hurry to congratulate, it is a new stage and yours, and his life! How many to the kid shines opening, and to you – purchases! From especially large, of course, a stool for feeding. This acquisition obviously facilitates process of feeding.
How to disaccustom the child to gnaw nails
Как отучить ребенка грызть ногтиWhat to do if the child gnaws nails? For certain you look for that miracle secret which will help your son or daughter forever to forget about the ugly and bitten nails. To help the child to get rid of this habit, it is necessary to have patience first of all. Because it is usually not enough one method. Let's understand.
How to disaccustom the child to bite
Как отучить ребенка кусатьсяIn kindergarten among children in younger group very often proves, so-called, small "a toothy predator" which continually aims to bite someone from pupils of group. Parents of the victims are indignant, try to find out the relation with responsible, with parents malicious "kusak". Those in turn pour out the anger on the defenseless child.
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