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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
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How to issue an embroidery
Как оформить вышивкуThe embroidery has so many versions what it almost is necessary to meet it in any culture. Availability and relative simplicity of this art made it popular among needlewomen. And what to do with a product of vyshivalny rushes? If these rushes – as sunflower seeds on a podsolnukhovy field? We offer our thoughts on registration of embroideries.
Clear-out of the apartment
Генеральная уборка квартирыClear-out of the apartment. These words cause such mix of discontent and hopelessness in every second woman, if not in everyone. But even such not palatable occupation as clear-out of the apartment, it is possible to worry with good mood and the smallest expenses of forces and nerves. The most important it is rational to distribute the opportunities and time.
How to make a decorative tree the hands
Как сделать декоративное дерево своими рукамиFor the first time I saw a decorative tree in one flower little shop. It cost about fifty dollars, and to allow get it at that time simply could not. Only in some weeks thought that I can make a "coffee" tree also itself. I offer readers a small master class.
Embroidery aleksandrovsky smooth surface
Вышивка александровской гладьюThe smooth surface is a type of an embroidery when stitches are applied on a cloth, completely it filling. There is a lot of types of smooth surfaces. The Aleksandrovsky color smooth surface is now widespread because it is simple performed by, and is beautiful – the spirit takes. We will pass all stages in this lesson, from an idea to an embodiment. And together we will be glad to result.
Earrings from plasticity the hands
Серьги из пластики своими рукамиEach of us in soul the woman of fashion, each of us is not indifferent to all accessories, whether it be ear rings, ringlets, a beads, brelochka. But it is simplest to go to shop and to buy finished goods. And what if to try such to make the hands? So you will kill two hares – will become the owner of exclusive earrings and at the same time will save on purchase of store costume jewelry.
How to make the Alpine hill in the apartment
Как сделать альпийскую горку в квартиреThink the Alpine hill – pleasure not for you? Is not available, you see on hand rather spacious yard or a country site. Here not! The most real Alpine hill which will be pleasing to the eye every day, can be built simply in the city apartment. Such wonderful decision will help to change cardinally or simply to decorate an interior.
How to sew a doll the Tilde the hands
Как сшить куклу Тильду своими рукамиHaving seen once of work of the Norwegian designer Tony Finanger, you will unmistakably learn that we now call dolls Tildes. As an example I will show how, without having special skills of sewing, it is possible to create own Tildochka. Having sewed once the Tilde, you will not be able to stop and will continue to create all new and new masterpieces.
Equipment of a decoupage on furniture
Техника декупажа на мебелиAbout a decoupage it is written much and in detail, difficult and popularly. But briefly are the pictures pasted on a surface of different subjects for the purpose of imitation of drawings or a list. You remember how were engaged in kindergarten or initial classes in application? Now these skills will be useful to you.
How to recolour old furniture
Как перекрасить старую мебельIn the majority of apartments the furniture makes the most powerful part of an interior. And, perhaps, the most expensive. It is not so simple to replace it, as the bothered curtains or the lamp which got out of fashion. What to do if the soul asks something fresh and original, and are not provided in the closest plans of expenditure for new furniture? And let's try recolour the old!
How to make and issue a photo album
Как сделать и оформить фотоальбомWho told, what with the advent of digital photos time of paper photo albums left? Of course, but only in case the unpacked photos roll then not sorted pile. And quite another matter, if to make a few efforts and imaginations and to make a photo album. It is much more pleasant to show the thought-over photo album from the most interesting photos to friends and relatives.
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