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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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Change houses – temporary housing with all necessary
Бытовки – временное жилье со всем необходимымIn spite of the fact that the temporary housing is not intended for long operation, the need for it can arise at any time. It is not only about building sites which are located behind city boundaries, but also about dachas, the protected objects. Not to do without change houses if you need housing far from infrastructure.
How to construct garage
Как построить гаражThis article – the personal experiment on construction of garage supported with photos. This summer we with the father-in-law built garage. I meanwhile the beginning builder, and he itself completed 20 years ago the house. It is necessary to tell that everything was made so capitally that for all this time of years of any crack or problem with a structure did not arise. Therefore the garage was built just like.
Bulk floors in the apartment
Наливные полы в квартиреIn the industry bulk floors are applied for a long time and very successfully. But, as it appeared, bulk floors can be used at office, in kindergarten, in medical institution. Bulk floors to unrecognizability change the room, at the expense of it interest in them grows every day. Not so long ago designers took the first steps in application of bulk floors in an interior of apartments.
Independent installation of MDF of panels
Самостоятельный монтаж МДФ панелейThis article will be useful to those who decided to make independent installation of wall MDF of panels, and also that who for some reason doubts the forces. will tell about advantages and shortcomings of MDF of panels, and will share with you a detailed photo the report on installation process.
Installation of a vinyl siding
Монтаж винилового сайдингаThe siding ("siding") can be translated from English as "an external covering". Actually, it is a set of panels, small on width, which are joined among themselves by means of special connection, forming a uniform cover which besides good appearance bears also protective function.
Warming of balconies and loggias
Утепление балконов и лоджий"Prepare sledge in the summer", – the national proverb says. This expression as is impossible by the way is suitable for warming of a loggia as the warm season is the most optimum for any external finishing works. just will also talk how to turn a balcony into the warm and cozy room.
Internal finishing by wooden lining
Внутренняя отделка деревянной вагонкойDespite the increasing popularity of such finishing materials as plastic and gypsum cardboard, a tree does not get out of fashion. And in certain cases finishing by a tree is simply irreplaceable. Therefore today will tell you about pluses and minuses of such type of finishing and will share exclusive step-by-step photos of the process of installation.
Installation of an electric heat-insulated floor
Монтаж электрического теплого полаIn the last article considered installation of water option of a heat-insulated floor, and this time his electric colleague will become the hero of our story. Fundamental difference of an electric heat-insulated floor consists in a heating element, we also will begin article with it.
Installation of a water heat-insulated floor
Монтаж водяного теплого полаGetting out in winter cold evening of a heat bath, at least once and got on a cold surface of a tile. Or sitting on a chair, even in the warm room we quite often can notice how our feet every minute all freeze stronger and more strongly. How to solve these problems by means of heat-insulated floors and in general that this such, and will try to sort.
How to make a multilevel ceiling of gypsum cardboard
Как сделать многоуровневый потолок из гипсокартонаRecently told how independently to mount a practical and durable false plastic ceiling. Today we will tell about process of installation of a two-story false ceiling of gypsum cardboard. As always with step-by-step illustrations. Successful to you repair!
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