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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Care of a peperomia
Уход за пеперомиейMany flower growers include a peperomia in the house collections now. These plants are generally appreciated the elegant, original leaves – they can be leathery, brilliant, smooth, slightly trimmed, wrinkled. Differ in a form, the sizes and coloring. At one types it intensively green, at others – motley or striped.
Cultivation of an amaranth
Выращивание амарантаThis plant deserves a praise – its age makes about 8000 years! The flower came to our regions from America and it is called an amaranth or "unfading". The speech will go today about popular garden culture which is considered not only a fodder plant. Seeds and leaves of an amaranth are widely used in medicine, cosmetology and the food industry.
Choice of plants for a green hedge
Выбор растений для живой изгородиAfter some oblivion becomes popular again and "green hedge" wins hearts of summer residents, owners of the big land plots and specialists in landscaping. It can become excellent alternative to metal or wooden fences. will offer some recommendations – as it is correct to pick up plants for an attractive green hedge.
Care of a guzmaniya
Уход за гузманиейAt the guzmaniya relating to family bromeliyevy, very exotic look. Its monophonic or striped leaves in the bases very densely adjoin the friend to the friend, forming thus a peculiar bowl or a funnel. Before blossoming there are bright pritsvetny leaves. The plant is still appreciated by effective "fontanchik" and an unusual inflorescence in the form of "cone" from under which scales florets "look out".
Medicinal properties of a root of Kalgan
Лечебные свойства корня калганаKalgan – a small plant which not at once also you will notice among meadow or forest raznotravya, and medical force in it is concentrated the huge. In ancient times, when many drugs were not used so widely yet, the root of Kalgan was extraordinary popular in the people, relieved of various illnesses.
Shlyumbergera, leaving in house conditions
Шлюмбергера, уход в домашних условияхShlyumbergera – an interesting epifitny plant which pleases with the bright, plentiful and long blossoming in winter months. Besides saturated paints, this unpretentious plant also brings other benefit: increases amount of oxygen, ozone, aero ions in air of that room where contains. In such conditions to the person it is easier breathed and worked.
Useful properties of tangerines
Полезные свойства мандариновThis citrus first of all causes associations in many happy New Year. Probably, still your parents in the childhood by this holiday bought tangerines in large numbers. Then you, as well as the majority, hardly reflected on advantage and especially on their harm. It is not taken in attention also by many adults.
Medicinal properties of an amaranth
Лечебные свойства амарантаAs soon as do not call this culture which is close "relative" to usual weeds – "grain of Gods", "bread", "health", "healing". There is a lot of names at an amaranth, but this plant as a shchiritsa is familiar to the majority of us.
Application of a krovokhlyobka medicinal
Применение кровохлёбки лекарственнойDamp meadows, crude clearings about the rivers, streamlets, ponds, forest edges are favourite places of a krovokhlyobka. In summer months it can be found at once, after all at this plant the dark red golovchaty inflorescences similar to clots of the baked blood. At a krovokhlyobka there are a lot of medicinal properties, main of which – ability to relieve of bleedings and intestinal frustration.
Care of a gardenia
Уход за гардениейWant to have houses the small low shrub with large brilliant leathery leaflets giving all summer original fragrant terry flowers of white and cream coloring? Then get a gardenia. Even when from one its bud similar to a candle, the original flower blossoms, in the room the unostentatious fragrance which is felt by all who comes to the house sets in.
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