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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Advantage and harm of fermented baked milk
Польза и вред ряженкиFermented baked milk – darling many fermented milk product. Prepared on a special compounding, he is capable to present beauty and health or, on the contrary, to aggravate a disease state. What is the fermented baked milk in what its advantage consists and whether it can do harm to the person?
Useful properties of kipreyny honey
Полезные свойства кипрейного медаHaving visited once again fair of products of beekeeping, noted that this year kipreyny honey at bees was successful wonderfully well. In this article I will tell readers of about features of tasty gentle honey, its medicinal properties and recipes of application.
Recipe of jam from a sea-buckthorn
Рецепт варенья из облепихиWith approach of the first frosts the time of collecting a sea-buckthorn comes. This bright orange berry – the real well of vitamins. Each hostess has the recipe of preparation from a sea-buckthorn. We will do useful and tasty jam.
How to wash kitchen towels
Как отстирать кухонные полотенцаFor each hostess the kitchen is a special place. Exactly here we spend much time, creating culinary masterpieces for a favourite family and dear visitors. Kitchen towels and tacks are irreplaceable assistants for each woman, it have to be in constant purity and freshness. For this reason the main question hostesses are faced by high-quality washing of towels.
How to prepare fried potato
Как приготовить жареную картошкуLet and not the most useful, but such tasty and simple dish in preparation as fried potato is loved practically by all. The nutritious and fast dinner or a breakfast, reception of unexpected guests or simply "for a change" — fried potato really is a universal dish.
How to cook pearl barley
Как варить перловкуPorridge - tasty and healthy food which has to be present at a diet of each person. A variety of grain and ways of preparation allows to choose a squash for every taste: wheat, buckwheat, millet, corn. But today we will talk about one unfairly forgotten pearl barley which can satisfy any hunger and bring to an organism invaluable benefit.
Recipe of the Potato cake in accordance with GOST
Рецепт пирожного Картошка по ГОСТуThe Potato cake familiarly many since the earliest childhood. The small sweet delicacy pleased our parents, us in due time, and today it can be prepared for the children. In this article we will tell how to make the real Potato cake in accordance with GOST.
What is the agar-agar
Что такое агар-агарThe agar-agar is a surprising plant of which useful properties it was known couples millennia ago. For the first time it started being used in the east, but it reached our lands much later. And, in spite of the fact that the agar-agar is actively used around the world already long ago, most of people do not know that this such.
Advantage and harm of sakharozamenitel
Польза и вред сахарозаменителейSakharozameniteli was become the real rescue for the people suffering from diabetes. The casual invention of the scientist generated a set of disputes and contradictions. Still opinions in a question of advantage or harm of sakharozamenitel disperse. Today we will try to place everything in places and to learn that actually represents this product.
Recipes of jam from a guelder-rose
Рецепты варенья из калиныFall – that time when it is possible to reap a guelder-rose crop. This valuable berry is extremely useful. Many hostesses think out the recipes of application of a guelder-rose – cook fruit drinks and compotes. And useful also jam from a guelder-rose will be tasty.
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