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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Cat breed kornish-reks
Порода кошек корниш-рексCornysh-reks is a refined and unusual cat breed. The very first acquaintance to these pets causes surge in emotions: from admiration before full rejection, but precisely leaves nobody indifferent. The elegant silhouette, a soft astrakhan fur coat, big similar wings of a butterfly ears, curly moustaches and eyebrows remind us amusing alien creation.
Features of breed Rottweiler
Особенности породы ротвейлерThis dog never and will leave nobody indifferent. Thanks to impressive appearance, power, force and grace, inquisitive mind and clever character, and also devotion and love to the owner, the Rottweiler won millions of admirers around the world.
Cat toyger, features of breed
Кошка тойгер, особенности породыQuite recently there was a new cat breed which made indelible impression on fans of these lovely animals. Tigerish strips on smooth dense wool, strong and massive to become, the expressive eyes similar to a little tiger cub – all this breed signs a toyger.
Description of breed boxer
Описание породы боксерThroughout the last two centuries the boxer holds a palm among sentry dogs who are ideal for the room contents. These strong brawny athletes possess balanced character and inquisitive mind. And if still to add that boxers are perfectly trained, are devoted to the owner and adore children, all this does representatives of this breed by favourites of millions of dog lovers.
Black terrier, features of breed
Черный терьер, особенности породыThe Russian black terrier – quite young domestic breed of dog. But impressive appearance and extraordinary working capacity was estimated already around the world. Besides, our black terrier became a recognized star of various international exhibitions. This beautiful guard dog is capable to feel perfectly both in Africa, and on the North Pole.
Labrador, description of breed
Лабрадор, описание породыToday it is one of the most popular breeds of dog around the world. The Labrador – the great hunter, the police officer and the guide for the people deprived of sight, the irreplaceable friend and the nurse for children, and also the tireless satellite on walks and a star of various exhibitions. This dog versatile person possesses sweet and appeasable temper, a high intelligence and fine abilities to training.
Sentry breeds of dog
Сторожевые породы собакModern people most often get a dog as a pet. But you should not forget that the four-footed pet is reliable and that is important, the incorruptible and faithful watchman.
Why the dog howls
Почему воет собакаAt a sound dog howling and there is a wish to frown – before it shrill and unpleasant. If you the hypochondriac person, surely remember a belief: the dog howls unfortunately. And rationalists claim that thus the four-footed sufferer tries to report to people around that he has some problem. Whether it is possible to disaccustom the pet to disturb people the we howl?
Small breeds of dog
Маленькие породы собакRecently small breeds of dog become more and more popular. If before tiny doggies brought under the arm on parties of the entertainment star, cinema and television, today it is possible to see in each city on walk of tiny doggies.
Travmatin for cats
Травматин для кошекOur domestic pets too are ill therefore they need the appropriate medical care. The debt of each owner – to help to get rid of torments and sufferings to the favourite. Most often cats are traumatized when falling from height, and also owing to thermal or chemical factors.
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