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Articles concerning civil, housing, tax, labor and other branches of the right. Help in paperwork, explanation of provisions of contracts, etc. legal issues.
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How to close SP
Как закрыть ипProcedure of registration of the termination of activity as the individual entrepreneur the quite simple. The fact of closing of SP is filing of application about the termination of activity in the registering tax authority. But before the person having the status of SP has to collect a package of documents and break off contracts with the government and non-state bodies and funds.
Registration of the individual entrepreneur
Регистрация индивидуального предпринимателяPresently already you will surprise nobody with desire of many to work for yourself. But it not only possibility of increase in the income, but also responsibility before the state both for itself, and for hired workers. To provide itself and the employees with a social package, it is necessary to open firm or to be registered as the individual entrepreneur.
Free medical aid during pregnancy and childbirth
Бесплатная медпомощь во время беременности и родовThe question of costs of pregnancy is rather actual presently. We reflect on it or not, but each woman, coming to female consultation to be registered, will face questions of payment of analyses, inspections, medicines and other medical services. It would be desirable to mention the highlights connected with wastes during pregnancy and childbirth.
The section of joint property at divorce
Раздел совместного имущества при разводеThe basis of each family is made by spiritual and material relationship between spouses. Despite importance of the spiritual party, without material benefits existence of a family is also impossible. The property sewed in marriage is considered in common sewed and belongs to both spouses but when the family falls, quite often there is a question how to divide this property.
Rules of accommodation in an apartment house
Правила проживания в многоквартирном домеLiving in an apartment house not to disturb neighbors the existence, we most often rely on standards of the standard ethics of behavior. But, unfortunately, to norms and rules of etiquette not all citizens adhere, causing troubles to the neighbors. We suggest to examine how it is possible to settle situation how to affect or punish such residents.
Coordination of re-planning of the apartment
Согласование перепланировки квартирыArchitects design houses on the taste and a look, and residents should be arranged then under the general standard. But there is an opportunity to make planning of the apartment really convenient for themselves rather re-planning. I suggest to talk about this question to readers of
Contract of a rent and its types
Договор ренты и его видыDear readers, brings to your attention information that such the contract of a rent and a coma it can be useful. In particular, it concerns a rent of premises as gives the chance to satisfy requirements of interested parties on the most favorable conditions.
Operations procedure in case of road accident
Порядок действий в случае ДТПIf you had an unpleasant situation, namely, there was a road accident, try not to panic, collect the strength and act. Yes, act! Not probably that everything already occurred and already nothing can be made. Everything just only begins, believe me. And the fact of road accident is the simplest.
Bankruptcy of the citizen
Банкротство гражданинаI think, everyone heard more than once that the enterprise went bankrupt. And after all this procedure can be carried out and concerning the natural person, that is any citizen. In what procedure of bankruptcy for citizens consists, what consequences it can have, I also want to tell readers of
How to receive the policy of compulsory health insurance on PBOYuL
Как получить полис ОМС на ПБОЮЛUnfortunately, being registered as SP, many people do not know, on what social guarantees they can count and that it is necessary to make to receive payments for the sick-list, holiday, a child care leave till 1,5 years and other. I want to tell about it to readers of
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