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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Masks and srubs from coffee Beauty and health
Маски и скрабы из кофеCoffee is known not only the invigorating property, it is rich with minerals and microcells, many of which are very useful to skin and therefore it can be used as house cosmetics. Masks, srubs, and also the anti-cellulite means prepared on the basis of coffee are very effective in face care and a body.
How "to enter" a design dress in clothes: councils from online store of women's clothing of MAYAMODA Clothes
Как «вписать» дизайнерское платье в гардероб: советы от интернет-магазина женской одежды MAYAMODAThe dress surely has to be in "active clothes" of each woman. Especially, if it is effective and ultrafashionable design dresses — that whim, to refuse to itself in which any woman has no right. And that purchase "fitted" into clothes even the most ardent fans of jeans trousers and strict suits, it is important to know some secrets.
Nail extension by gel in house conditions Beauty and health
Наращивание ногтей гелем в домашних условияхThat our marigold became beautiful and long, we have to be defined: or to strengthen the nails by means of almost free house procedures and it is regular to look after them, or to spend for purchase of tools for extension of gel nails, to master technology and to make independent building of times a month.
How to clean gold and silver in house conditions Accessories
Как чистить золото и серебро в домашних условияхEveryone has jewelry. We carry them for years, products grow dull, become soiled, and all of us do not hurry to clean them. We collected a number of councils for cleaning of jewelry of silver and gold in house conditions. Protect the precious jewelry, regularly care of them. And then through tens years the family ring will be rejoiced also by your granddaughter.
How to carry close footwear Clothes
Как разносить тесную обувьThe new pair of shoes is bought, the new thing is pleasing to the eye, and here you put on it and feel – is small a little. As so, chose-chose, measured-measured, and the footwear presses. Such incident can spoil mood and health for all day, and the arisen callosities it is necessary to treat even more long. Be not upset, to carry close footwear not a problem.
Vodoroslevy wrapping Beauty and health
Водорослевое обертываниеThe wrapping is popular a Spa procedure for women who want to put the figure in order, to lose some kilogram, to tighten skin, and, so and to get rid of extensions. In addition a vodoroslevy wrapping – fine opportunity to have a rest. Not without reason the wrapping is used by seaweed in China throughout many centuries.
How to grow thin in hips Beauty and health
Как похудеть в бедрахProblem of many women are fatty deposits in hips, and fat is postponed there easily and quickly, and to get rid of it sometimes very difficult. The inactive way of life and improper feeding are guilty of it. In article effective recommendations for the women wishing to grow thin in hips are collected. We guarantee – you surely will be pleasant to yourself and people around.
How to clean suede footwear Clothes
Как чистить замшевую обувьEach woman of fashion knows that suede looks magnificently. The footwear from this material will never get out of fashion, it draws attention, does the woman by the woman. And to get to itself couple of suede shoe boots or sapozhek – a point of honor of any lady. Suede footwear – a thing expensive and exacting, many decide to get couple sapozhek from suede, concept without having as to look after them.
How to order tailoring of a wedding dress: useful tips for brides Clothes
Как заказать пошив свадебного платья: полезные советы для невестThe wedding dress — is a dress which does not make any mistakes and defects, it cannot be lovely, nice or nearly is faultless to sit on a figure. The wedding dress has to be or ideal, or yet not bought. The third option — tailoring in studio or at the private tailor, the unique and existing in the only option dress of the dream allowing to receive.
How to tie a scarf to the man Clothes
Как завязывать шарф мужчинеThe scarf was always the integral attribute of men's wear. Now the scarf not only carries out the direct appointment – protects from cold and a wind, it is a stylish and fashionable subject of clothes, that last stroke which finishes a man's image. The main thing – it is necessary to pick up and tie it correctly.
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