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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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How to secure itself during night walk It is useful to know
Как обезопасить себя во время ночной прогулкиThe night city – is full of dangers. The stone jungle at this time of days leads absolutely other life, than in the afternoon. But it happens so that we need to pass on dark streets at night. The reasons can be different: there is no money for a taxi, medicine in the round-the-clock drugstore was required, the car broke. How to secure itself during the compelled night walk?
Review of Monstro's movie Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Монстро"Monstro" it is not simple the movie with the scenario and a plot, it, first of all, the confidential project from the producer of sensational series "Survive" Jeffrey Abrams. About the movie started telling, writing and starting up gossips much more before its release. The picture did enough noise to draw to itself attention, both the ordinary audience, and world film critics.
Exercises for diction improvement It is useful to know
Упражнения для улучшения дикцииWant to learn to speak so that listened to you with an open mouth and a delighted look? Or perhaps you want to act with success in audience? Perhaps, you wanted to have such specialty in which voice training and beautiful sounding is very important, but owing to backwardness and poor coloring of a timbre of the voice even do not try to master desired open spaces?
How free of charge to eat It is useful to know
Как бесплатно поестьThe student's life for free – familiarly, huh?! And whether know, the floor "freebie" from where was taken? They say that in the Jewish communities so called milk which on Fridays distributed to the poor. On the other hand, what, in general, the difference, from where is and went a freebie. Another is more important for the student. That life for free was successful. It was successful big letters – black caviar on red.
Rules of the game in the Russian billiards Rest and entertainments
Правила игры в русский бильярдIn Russia billiards appeared in the XVIII century: after visit to Holland Peter I, having learned about this game, ordered to make a billiard table for itself. Gradually this game started removing to noble families and clubs. In the middle of the XIX century in Russia there were first billiard factories which are letting out rather qualitative billiard tables and accessories to them.
How to choose a New Year tree Holidays
Как выбрать новогоднюю елкуOn the eve of Christmas and New Year's holidays of wants to tell the readers about such important issue as purchase of a New Year tree. It is difficult to tell precisely when and where there was this tradition, but still far back in the past people thought that in trees there live kind spirits and often hanged out on branches various gifts, trying to cajole them.
Occupations by yoga (councils for beginners) Religion
Занятия йогой (советы для начинающих)What is the yoga? Each person is ready to give the answer to the matter. However when it is necessary to explain really that such yoga, there are certain difficulties. Today the yoga for many was narrowed to concept of "the Indian gymnastics". In this article will tell about the ancient doctrine and will make some recommendations for beginners.
In total about tea It is useful to know
Все о чаеTea is known to mankind long ago – to the first mentions of it about 5000 years. However, despite ancient history and prevalence, many properties of this drink remain little-known. will tell about tea history, its impact on a human body, ways of a zavarivaniye and about some other details concerning tea.
As it is correct to vote It is useful to know
Как правильно голосоватьElection campaigns became the habitual phenomenon in modern public life long ago. They regularly replace each other, pouring over us waves of propaganda and promises. Vote or will lose! Remember this slogan? Well, and will add – vote correctly. And in loss you will not remain.
– simply do not try life without drugs! It is useful to know
Жизнь без наркотиков – просто не пробуй!To think that drugs need an anti-advertizing – too not absolutely truly. Intimidation of consumers, moralising concerning teenagers often yields absolutely other result. This result – desire to try the hand, to test will, to glance in the novel. suggests you to make a choice independently. To weigh all pros and cons.
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It not Adobe Photoshop! In the German safari park there lives Zors (from English zebra and horse) by nickname Iklips (Eclipse) who turned out as a result of crossing of a horse and a zebra.