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Review of the movie attack Point Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Точка обстрелаAfter several months of hard diplomatic work heads of the largest world powers will have to sign the certain historical agreement concerning fight against terrorism. During performance on the American president attempt is made. After that as the seriously wounded the head of the USA is taken away from an attempt place.
Рецензия на фильм 1212 people who as the fates decree pleased in jury are compelled to pass the decision on guilt of the Chechen boy accused of murder of own adoptive father, officer of the Russian army. The viewer who risked to plunge into the world of justice at the whole 2 and a half o'clock is also urged to observe all peripetias of this of simple, apparently, action. And what he will see there?
Celebration of Maslenitsa Holidays
Празднование МасленицыThe most cheerful and nourishing week when almost in each house bake various pancakes, treat with them guests, see off winter and meet spring. As you understood, on it is about Maslenitsa which is inseparably linked with idle mentality of the Russian people. Maslenitsa — a holiday which was celebrated still by our Slavic ancestors. Indispensable attributes become bright ruddy pancakes were.
Review of Rambo's movie of IV Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Рэмбо IVJohn Rambo – the real pop icon, one of the most popular heroes of the western pop culture who is settling down in a pantheon of cult characters in the same row with Batman, Mickey Mouse, Terminator and so forth. The group of the American missionaries appeals to the grown old Rambo trading in catching of snakes in the Thai solitude to carry out them on the territory the captured war.
Review of the movie Twist of fate. Continuation Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Ирония судьбы. ПродолжениеOn the screen the Most important Disappointment of the Soviet cinema appears: Nadia and Zhenya's feelings did not pass test time and family life. They left! Nadia returned to herself to Leningrad and nevertheless married Ippolit. All 30 years that passed since the beginning of an exit of the first part, the viewer believed that the love which began with such unusual meeting is simply obliged to be eternal.
The review of the movie Strangers against the Predator: Requiem Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Чужие против Хищника: РеквиемA certain representative of race of Strangers, having made the way on the spaceship piloted by the Predator attacks the pilot and provokes crash. Before falling the Predator manages to send SOS signal to Earth. The signal is accepted by a head space station with which to Earth the shuttle with other Predator onboard which mission is destruction of the Stranger goes.
Review of the movie I Am Legend Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Я легендаScientists managed to win against one of the most dreadful diseases of the present the near future — a cancer. The new vaccine is the genetically modified measles virus, or so-called Quarter. However as a result medicine gives unexpected complication — 90% of the population of the planet die out, 9% turn into the terrible zombies-mutants-vampires who are not transferring a sunlight.
Review of the best movie Cinema
Рецензия на Самый лучший фильмBeginning conversation on this movie, first of all will note the highest level of professionalism of team of PR managers and advertizing agents. The main character — the young man by the name of Vadik performed by the resident of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov. His character is not burdened with any moral principles, absolutely deprived of intelligence signs.
The review of the movie of Asteriks at the Olympic Games Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Астерикс на Олимпийских играх"Asteriks at the Olympic Games" the excellent movie for viewing with a family, friends or the girlfriend. The easy, inventive show which is not allowing to miss. However, having approached the third part series, began to have same "illness", as a series of movies "Taxi": the plot becomes more and more schematical and simple, serving in the basic for threading on it of jokes and tricks.
How to travel a self-locking device It is useful to know
Как путешествовать автостопомFor true romantics of the road. The self-locking device is and it is simple, and difficult at the same time. It not simply opportunity to travel about on highways without penny behind soul. The self-locking device is a way of life, it is a cult, it is the real religion of the road. will share only several, but the most important councils especially useful to those who for the first time goes to a way.
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Ball's Pyramid (Bols-Piramid) — the desert volcanic island about 200 meters in size on width and 562 meters on height. There is in 20 km to the southeast from Lord Howe Island, the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is considered the highest column rock in the world.