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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Use of burdock oil Beauty and health
Применение репейного маслаIn traditional medicine of the different countries used broths, infusions from roots of a burdock and burdock oil. Broth was used inside, and burdock oil locally. By means of this plant treated leprosy, gout, stomach ulcer. Women knew about the curative force of burdock oil at a hair loss still for a long time. Today oil is applied generally in cosmetology.
Elements of an official style in clothes Clothes
Элементы делового стиля в одеждеIt is no secret that the business situation at office imposes a number of requirements to appearance of employees. And if with men more and more or less clearly, women have to think over the shape to trifles. How it is correct to pick up a business suit and accessories to it? We will also focus the attention on these questions.
How to grow thin the nursing mother Beauty and health
Как похудеть кормящей материPregnancy is a serious test for a female figure. Nine months you wait for that the moment when extra kilos leave, but often even after the delivery on scales the terrible figure is again highlighted. What to do? How to grow thin the nursing mother and where to take for this time? Right after childbirth it is necessary to start living so that the organism itself started getting rid of excess weight.
Useful properties of rosemary Beauty and health
Полезные свойства розмаринаThe homeland of rosemary is the Mediterranean, but today it grows across all Europe. In traditional medicine and cosmetology use rosemary oil, infusion from rosemary, spirit tincture, rosemary wine. Rosemary essential oil is extracted from a plant during its blossoming at the beginning of summer. For receiving 1 kg of oil it is necessary to process 50 kg of the blossoming plants.
How to choose a men's suit Clothes
Как выбрать мужской костюмThe classical suit has to be present at clothes of the man of any age surely. It is very important to pick up correctly color, model, landing. At a choice of a men's suit it is necessary not only to observe some requirements of fashion, but also to rely on own feelings. And before to get this or that model, it is important to know some rules.
Natural deodorant Freshness Crystal Cosmetics and perfumery
Природный дезодорант Кристалл СвежестиIt is no secret that all of us sweat, one more, others – in smaller. For elimination of a smell of sweat producers also thought up a set of chemical deodorants – sprays, lotions, firm and ball forms. But there is also a natural liquidator of unpleasant consequences of a potovydeleniye – a smell and moisture. Also it is called – "The Freshness Crystal".
How to learn to wear heels Beauty and health
Как научиться ходить на каблукахGraceful gait on heels always bewitched men. And women, having put on beautiful footwear on a heel, feel much more beautifully and more surely. And what there physicians spoke about harm of footwear high-heeled, nobody refuses to put on it. As they say, the beauty demands the victims. But what to do if with a high heel the friendship at you did not develop? Study!
Use of coconut oil Beauty and health
Применение кокосового маслаThe pulp of a coco is added to toffees, chocolate bars, cakes, amazing pies. And still the pulp of this exotic large nut goes for production of unique oil. In this article each reader will open for himself many the new interesting moments about use of coconut oil in the cosmetic purposes and inside, its properties and recommendations about purchase.
Amla oil for strengthening of hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Масло амлы для укрепления волосI believe, many when viewing bright and musical Indian movies paid attention to surprising beauty and density of hair at girls and women. How they manage to let grow such long and thick braids? Indians use amla oil for care of hair. Now it can be got not only in India, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
Means for growth of eyelashes Beauty and health
Средства для роста ресницIt is known that eyes is a window to the soul. The beauty of eyes depends on their form, color and, of course, eyelashes. Eyelashes give to a look expressiveness and special appeal. Long dense eyelashes dream of many girls, but, unfortunately, not all got such gift from the birth. In cultivation of dense fluffy eyelashes hygiene and everyday leaving is important.
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