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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Use of sea-buckthorn oil Beauty and health
Применение облепихового маслаThe sea-buckthorn krushinovidny is familiar to many readers. She can even be met on country sites. Since ancient times this fragrant sour berry was recognized by Aesculapians of Tibet, Mongolia and India as the universal remedy helping at avitaminosis, wounds, diseases of some bodies and systems. And after 1945 it was estimated also by official medicine.
How to choose a t-shirt Clothes
Как выбрать футболкуBoth in man's, and in female clothes there is one detail, invariable throughout many generations, and these are t-shirts. Such quantity of a choice of t-shirts as now, probably, was never earlier. It is possible to allocate classical (basic), evening, daily and there are a lot of other types of t-shirts, and also a huge number of their stylistic directions.
How to choose a skirt Clothes
Как выбрать юбкуIn the modern world in which almost all things can be referred to the category "unisex", remains not so much that carry only women. It is possible to carry such element of clothes to purely female things as skirts. By means of a skirt it is possible to emphasize feminity and beauty of the body. I suggest to consider some councils which will help to choose the correct skirt.
Where to buy qualitative costume jewelry Accessories
Где купить качественную бижутериюIn recent years popularity of costume jewelry increases more and more. And it is not surprising, after all magnificent jewelry from stones, natural, but available at the price, – fine opportunity to diversify daily clothes or to emphasize refinement of an evening dress of any modern woman of fashion.
Shortovy knowledge. How to pick up? Clothes
Шортовые премудрости. Как подобрать?Shorts represent one of the most universal and at the same time disputable details of modern clothes. It is remarkable that the female option of shorts till 50th years of the XX century was part of a swimwear, and was considered as the extremely indecent to dress them out of a beach zone. Today the fashionable industry offers various options: micro and minishorts, velosipedka, etc.
Masks for the withering skin Beauty and health
Маски для увядающей кожиHow we wanted to grow old, lovely women, and the age prevails. Every new day we notice on the face new wrinkles and changes of skin, not painting us. Today I would like to share the experience with readers on care of the withering face skin. These councils are easily feasible, but demand a regularity and systematicity. Fall in love with yourself!
How to choose a bathing suit Clothes
Как выбрать купальникWidespread practice – purchase of a bathing suit beautiful by sight and at low price, but as a result of not suitable to your figure. It is necessary to choose for the only purpose – to look in it on everything 100! How to choose a bathing suit? Of course, it is necessary to begin with a style choice, making a start from features of your figure.
How to choose a dress Clothes
Как выбрать платьеDress – the true ally of the female nature. This fine invention of mankind, in case of the correct selection, of course, is the most advantageous detail of female clothes. On each woman there will be an ideal dress emphasizing her character and uniqueness. I hope that the councils offered in article will become your irreplaceable assistant in a dress choice.
How to choose rubber boots Clothes
Как выбрать резиновые сапогиAt many of us rubber boots long were associated with gloomy unattractive fishing, hunting and work footwear at dacha. Modern models and new fashion absolutely crossed out former representation. Rubber boots not only in park in the rain, but also for work, study and rest allow to carry a variety of models, coloring and forms.
How to put clothes Clothes
Как складывать одежду As it is pleasant, every time opening a case, to see there equal ranks of accurately put things. Only to put beautifully things so laziness and time for it never is. prepared for you some councils as for only a few seconds compactly to put any thing. This ability is useful and when packing things in a suitcase.
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