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With what to begin studying of English It is useful to know
С чего начать изучение английского языкаToday many people of different age and the social status often have a thought: "It is necessary to learn English!". For someone it is the urgent need connected with work, someone often goes abroad on rest, and someone simply wants to expand the knowledge, as they say, with prospect on the future.
Review of the movie Real father Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Реальный папаRub nice a spinogryza – fourteen, four and two years, remain without mother who after unsuccessful parachute jump appears in a coma. Now all hope for the father. However, the father does not live many years in a family and still … he is a bandit. The made happy father has no place to disappear and he assumes obligations for education of children.
Review of the movie Diaries of dead persons Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Дневники мертвецовGeorge A. Romero, the classic American a horror cinema, submitted the new movie "Diaries of Dead Persons". The group of students of film school shooting the debut movie appears under attack of unexpectedly recovered dead persons. In search of a safe place cinema-men plunge into the bus and go to a way, deciding to remove everything seen on a movie camera.
Review of the movie Doomsday Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Судный день2008 – in the territory of Scotland is found an unknown fatal virus the called "Reaper". In order to avoid a pandemic of a horrible disease of the power decide to fence the Scottish territory on all perimeter with a nine-meter wall, having turned "the country of green hills" into the closed zone, dooming all remained behind a wall to death.
Review of the movie Day of radio Cinema
Рецензия на фильм День радиоFounders of the movie is the well-known Moscow theatrical company "Quartet And" which founded the theater of the same name. On the Moscow radio station "As If Radio" day began with unusual vanity, and it is not surprising – on air radio marathon in support of the Russian tourists left by travel agency to the mercy of fate in Congo will be carried out today.
Review of the Indigo movie Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ИндигоThere are among us people with paranormal abilities called indigo – on color of their power aura. School student Andrey Kalyaev one of such. In the company similar it is allocated with leadership skills and unique ability to feel same as it. It does it by object of close attention from a certain mysterious subject.
Review of the movie Street racers Cinema
Рецензия на фильм СтритрейсерыAcquaintance to the beauty Katya brings a recent demobilization of Stepan into the world of Petersburg street racers, fills in which somebody the Docker. Having broken the car provided by the Docker during race, Stepan gets to it to dependence. In such situation there are many members of stritreysersky "brotherhood" from whom the Docker hammered together similarity of a gang.
Review of the movie Superheroic cinema Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Супергеройское киноAfter a sting of genetically modified dragonfly Ric Riker undergoes mutations and turns from the school botanist into the super hero. Having made itself a superheroic suit and having been called as the Dragonfly, it comes to a war track with crime, in parallel trying to win heart of the first school beauty Jill Johnson.
Light holiday of Easter Holidays
Светлый праздник ПасхиSoon spring day when in the house and on streets not traditional wishes of kind morning, and the word sound "Will come Christ revived!" and reciprocal "Truly revived!". These cheers will announce the lightest Christian holiday – Easter. At this greatest religious event there are a lot of names, Easter call Light Revival, Velikodnem.
Review of the movie Montana Cinema
Рецензия на фильм МонтанаNikolay who wound off term for a robbery arrives from Russia to the USA for commission of custom-made murder. On a place he finds out that "work" as someone is already made, and now him want to kill. Also there is behind it Victor – his child-hood friend who ordered murder. Being let in races, Nikolay decides to achieve at the same time dream of the childhood – to visit the State of Montana.
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