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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Treatment of an acne Beauty and health
Лечение акнеIn this article it will be a question of such trouble as an acne (spots, comedones, papules and pustula on a face) from which emergence, alas, anybody is not insured. Article not about spots which attacked many at teenage age, and about a misfortune which sometimes arises at quite mature people, can absolutely appear during any period of life.
Linseed oil for weight loss Beauty and health
Льняное масло для похуденияMany think that the cherished dream of women – to meet the prince. On the contrary! The most important desire – to eat everything and not to recover! Reception of linseed oil it is obvious from this opera – any rigid diets and minus on scales. understood, whether it is so harmless to an organism and linseed oil is effective in weight loss.
Make-up for the fall 2013 Cosmetics and perfumery
Макияж на осень 2013The fashion constantly changes, every day there are new tendencies. And, of course, it does not avoid a make-up. After all the woman has to be not only is fashionably dressed, but also made up. Everything that you need to learn about new trends of a fashionable make-up for fall 2013, you learn from today.
Doctor Bormental's diet Beauty and health
Диета доктора БорменталяThe great popularity is acquired now by doctor Bormental's diet. As this diet was developed by the doctor, logically, as it does harm to health the minimum.
How to wash jeans Clothes
Как стирать джинсыJeans – indispensable attribute female, man's and even children's clothes. In them both on walk, and on a disco, and on rest. Fashionably, stylishly, conveniently. But jeans happen different and not only on color and it is important to know how it is correct to wash them and to remove spots from this fabric (classical denim – 100% kotton). Let's study careful washing of favourite jeans together!
Coloring of hair henna Hairstyles and hairdresses
Окрашивание волос хнойColoring of hair is procedure quite popular now which almost all women use. From year to year producers offer us more and more various paints with the improved structure, however natural dyes all the same do not lose the relevance. How after all coloring of hair henna in house conditions becomes? In practice everything is very simply.
How to make lip balm the hands Cosmetics and perfumery
Как сделать бальзам для губ своими рукамиLip balm is one of the most favourite means among women. It is always bought instead of hygienic lipstick, especially without reflecting, than these two means differ. Lip balm is directed on curing already available problem. If to compare production from shop and that that it was made the hands, the last is always much better.
Use of oil of a tea tree Cosmetics and perfumery
Применение масла чайного дереваToday in the market for health of that is only not present – miracle ointments and tablets, powders and drinks. But not always they are in actual fact really such surprising and useful as describe them in advertizing. And here essential oils are an indisputable well of advantage for all organism in general. Today I want to tell about oil of a tea tree.
Use of mint for beauty and health Beauty and health
Применение мяты для красоты и здоровьяWith what the word "mint" is associated at you? The fresh, gentle aroma cooling taste and huge medical potential. Yes, it distinguishes mint from a set of other useful plants. The most popular type of mint – peppery. It renders the soothing, antiemetic, spazmolitichesky, calming and zhelchegonny actions.
Desheli – reviews of cosmetics and the center of beauty of Desheli Beauty and health
Дешели – отзывы о косметике и центре красоты DesheliProduction of the Israeli company of Desheli is already rather known in Russia and perfectly proved among those who on himself could estimate its quality and efficiency. Each client passes consultation with the expert in the centers of beauty of Desheli, selection of cosmetics is carried out strictly individually. It is more information and customer reviews on Desheli's cosmetics are collected in this article.
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