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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Preparation to a stress to interview Work
Подготовка к стресс собеседованиюWe always seek to prove to be from the best party, especially at employment. Therefore cunning personnel officers invented a method of shock interview, or stressful interview, in a different way. The main principle – provocation of the candidate for a position. Everything is used – the shocking and inappropriate questions, rough behavior of the recruiter, etc.
Meditation in practice It is useful to know
Медитация на практикеEach of us life tests for durability. How to self-actualize at work and with firmness to stand the chief? How to endure the conflict or even a gap to darling? How to run away from the constant satellites – chronic fatigue and discontent with? And what to do if all these troubles fell down you at the same time?! To try to be engaged in meditation!
Subtleties of work of the croupier in a casino Work
Тонкости работы крупье в казиноThe casino – the special world which is reluctantly letting in itself strangers inaccessible to understanding of those who is not accepted in it is the world of workers of green cloth. Another dimension, a time failure in life. And forever the days which were engraved in the memory rather nights. What fate of the croupier? You get to a casino according to the announcement. You will come simply from curiosity. Also you will remain.
Do not joke with Zokhan Cinema
Не шутите с ЗоханомZokhan – the Israeli superspy, and in combination the main heartbreaker Zemli Obetovannoy and the hero of beach parties, having been tired "to wet" terrorists, dramatizes own death and under an assumed name goes to America to achieve long dream – to cut hair and to do hairdresses. He becomes "highlight of the program" in an unimportant barber's shop.
Review of the movie Improbable Hulk Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Невероятный ХалкBruce Banner allocated with terrible gift to turn into the green growling giant during nervous overexcitation, endures for this reason unpleasant experience of communication with the authorities. To avoid close attention from "bodies", it secretly goes to Brazil. So far once persecutors from the Pentagon do not come to its trace.
Review of Spidi's movie racer Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Спиди гонщикThe movie "Spidi Gonshchik" is a victory of style and a form over sense and the contents. Spidi Reyser – the young, talented racer receives the invitation from Royalton, the powerful industrialist, to join his racing club. Without wishing to bring the family team, Spidi refuses. Royalton begins war against team of Racers.
Review of the movie Iron Man Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Железный человекThe ingenious designer of the weapon Tony Starck who went to Afghanistan for demonstration of new system of volley fire is taken prisoner to terrorists. By miracle escaped and realized that the weapon created by it not always serves for protection of the homeland and democracy, he decides to concentrate on the new project – creation of an armor fighting suit.
Review of the movie Indiana Jones and Kingdom of a crystal skull Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Индиана Джонс и Королевство хрустального черепаIndiana Jones who escaped after a meeting with the Soviet diversionary group loses a place at university because of charges of complicity to communists. At this time he meets Williams possessing information on the very old friend of Jones – the scientist Harold Oxley who was considered as the dead. To find the gone friend, doctor Jones decides to be engaged in this business.
Methods of motivation of employees Work
Методы мотивации сотрудниковDream of any head – ideal subordinates and harmonious work. How to achieve that each employee gave all the best for 100% how to affect the relation to working process and how to cause a sense of responsibility for the smallest done work? The answer to these and many other questions lies in ability of the head to operate wards.
How to increase the lexicon It is useful to know
Как увеличить свой словарный запасLiteracy of the speaking is defined by quantity and a variety of the used words. On storing of new words a lot of time leaves. And often there is a problem of their extraction from memory. There are many techniques of increase in a lexicon, however, as practice shows, some of them are effective, and some are not present.
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