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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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How to increase a breast
Как увеличить грудьHow to increase a breast? This question excites not only teenage girls, but also the adult women not happy with the size of the native breast. It seems to them that the small breast is unattractive, does not excite men and is the reason nearly of all vital disorders.
How to get rid of spots
Как избавиться от прыщейMillions of people are anxious with this problem. Spots spoil life and to girls and young men. Deprive of appeal, make repellent impression, literally force to suffer especially sensitive to the appearance. Today it will be a question of spots which develop on skin of each of us from time to time.
How to choose an epilator
Как выбрать эпиляторWarm days come nearer, and women hastily start putting the appearance in order. The beauty is, first of all, an ukhozhennost. And how to look well-groomed if feet are covered with such ugly hairs. To shave them...
Medical massage of a back
Лечебный массаж спиныThe mankind uses massage for a long time. Nobody knows when people noticed that strokings and a razminaniye help to overcome various diseases. But the fact remains – people closely became interested in massage and today many remarkable properties of medical massage are known.
About harm of smoking for the woman's organism
О вреде курения для организма женщиныAll can be forgiven to the woman, any weakness, but only not a devil-may-care attitude to the health and health of the children. Never conscious self-destruction was peculiar to the woman, the continuer of life on Earth. And in any way differently also you will not call this silly and useless habit – tobacco smoking.
Mud cure, therapeutic muds of the Dead Sea
Грязелечение, лечебные грязи Мертвого моряCurative properties of the Dead Sea are known since the most ancient times. Still ancient Jews and Romans built water mud baths on the bank of the Dead Sea. One of the main richness of this unique reservoir is the therapeutic mud extracted from the date of the Dead Sea.
Salt of the Dead Sea
Соль Мертвого моряCurative power of water of the Dead Sea was known since the most ancient times. The unusual name is the sea received still in the ancient time because in its waters with 30 percent concentration of salts and mineral substances, practically, there are no live organisms.
How to bleach teeth
Как отбеливать зубыUnfortunately, over time turn yellow not only pages of books, but also teeth therefore bleaching it is necessary for everyone. After all process of yellowing is quite natural and natural, but it spoils our smile and gives out age about which not all want to speak.
Influence of smoking on skin and figure
Влияние курения на кожу и фигуруIf you smoke to remain allegedly harmonous and beautiful, know that this delusion. The best that you can make for achievement of a desirable figure is, first of all, to give up smoking.
Care of face skin (councils to men)
Уход за кожей лица (советы мужчинам)The few men got used to use cosmetics. All care of face skin is limited to shaving foam and the moisturizing balm after. And that your person had a healthy attractive appearance, such care of skin it can appear insufficiently. Means for care of face skin enough. It is necessary to choose the most suitable only.
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