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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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As manipulate buyers in supermarkets It is useful to know
Как манипулируют покупателями в супермаркетахSupermarkets gradually force out usual shops and even the markets. They differ in the wide range, the pleasant atmosphere, good service. Therefore and not only therefore, we give preference to shopping in a supermarket. But there is also other party of a medal. Besides the called pluses, supermarkets have also minuses. About them the speech in this article will also go.
Indigo children The unknown
Дети индигоFantastic literature abounds with works with the description of future mankind. Trying to predict prospect of its development is not stopped also by scientists. And meanwhile many are convinced that the mankind already changes, generating new people, a name, which "indigo children". too decided to address to this subject, actual for present life.
Top of 10 delusions about studying of English It is useful to know
Топ 10 заблуждений об изучении английского языкаIn the field of studying of English there are many delusions. Today we will glance at some of them. All the matter is that similar thoughts – not simply delusions which are at first sight perceived as absolutely reasonable and natural. In actual fact it appears what exactly they so prevent us to learn English!
We study English: how to remember words? It is useful to know
Учим английский: как запоминать слова?Methods of learning of words, as well as techniques of training in English, happen different. It is enough to give inquiry to Yandex, Google or other searcher as the mountain of councils will fall upon you. How among this wood to find that only the necessary tree? Before to begin conversation how to learn words, let's understand, which words should be learned.
How to make rooibos and a karkada It is useful to know
Как заваривать ройбуш и каркадеFans of strong black tea have unpleasant feelings in a stomach. What to speak about people with pressure problems?! Exit one: to look for alternative drinks which would be deprived of shortcomings of coffee and tea. And dark horses of our tea market can quite take their place: rooibos and karkada. Now will also tell about them.
How quickly to learn English It is useful to know
Как быстро выучить английский языкIn this article the speech will not go about any abstruse or smart things like the 25th shot or hypnosis. Also we will not discuss a way which is recommended sometimes – studying with immersion on language Wednesday. At least because in the first two cases it does not work – it is impossible to place in reason something without the knowledge of reason.
How to make the correct business card It is useful to know
Как сделать правильную визиткуThe card — the easiest and effective way to earn to itself good reputation in business. At the first acquaintance to the business partner your business card will convincingly show it degree of solidity of your firm and your situation in it. How to make such business card which will constantly work for you and to help with affairs?
Tea mat: zavarivaniye and rules of drink It is useful to know
Чай мате: заваривание и правила питияIt will be a question of the tea which is promptly gathering popularity a mat. Generally if strictly to judge, a mat tea is not which to a measure. If tea is leaves of a tea-plant, a mat are leaves and stalks of an evergreen plant of a holly Paraguayan. It is a branchy treelike bush with smooth whitish bark which in the wild nature the up to 15 meters high grows.
How to make unloved work it is more pleasant? Work
Как сделать нелюбимую работу приятнее?When we meet old acquaintances, one of the first questions – whom you work? It is possible to call many reasons for which you do not love the work. At everyone they the – someone needs money, someone needs to raise children, someone keeps because of age. How to be if it is necessary to visit unloved work how though to facilitate a little process?
How to receive more pleasure from life Rest and entertainments
Как получать больше радости от жизниSometimes happens that the monotonous circle of office everyday life seem absolutely infinite, and our dreams, seemingly, ceased to come true for a long time. Means, it is time to change something. And it is best of all to begin with trifles. Important daily trifles which will support us and will bring more bright paints in life. offers you easy ways.
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