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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Use of nanocosmetics Cosmetics and perfumery
Использование нанокосметикиThanks to modern scientific development, in particular, to nanotechnologies, at last became available miracle cream and serum which can get into the deepest layers of skin and fight against active signs of aging from within. The legend is fresh, but is trusted hardly? Let's try understand, what such nanocosmetics and whether really it is so effective?
Retinoyevy peeling Beauty and health
Ретиноевый пилингTime for permanent, high-quality care of skin therefore sometimes the beauty shop is the only exit is not always enough for women. In beauty shop experts will help to return the lost youth, depending on in what state there is a skin and what result you want to achieve, and the frequency of carrying out many procedures is defined.
Laser nanoperforation of skin Beauty and health
Лазерная наноперфорация кожиLaser nanoperforation is considered one of relatively young techniques of rejuvenation of skin. However she already managed to prove perfectly, after all in power to remove with her hints on age changes of skin even from the most initial manifestations of 25-30 years.
How to laminate hair in house conditions Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как ламинировать волосы в домашних условияхAny girl knows that each princess has to have beautiful hair. With age changes nothing, and girls spend a great lot of money for promising masks and shampoos. And after all it is necessary for beautiful hair very little! Also will tell about it.
Parafinoterapiya for hands Beauty and health
Парафинотерапия для рукParafinoterapiya for hands not for nothing is considered one of the most popular procedures in beauty shops, besides, that it is capable to make salutary impact on skin of hands, it also very pleasant procedure.
Korean cosmetics: "snake contra snails" Cosmetics and perfumery
Корейская косметика: «змея» против «улитки»Today will acquaint you with two means for care of skin round eyes of the Korean firm Tony Moly. It is about disposable patches masks on the basis of snake poison and on the basis of slime of snails.
Features and advantages of suntan in a sunbed Beauty and health
Особенности и преимущества загара в солярииThe person needs the sun not only as in a light source and it is warm but also as in the natural factor which is well influencing health. During the summer period it is easy to receive necessary quantity of ultraviolet rays, however at approach of a cold season their quite explainable shortage begins.
Face packs with honey Beauty and health
Маски для лица с медомAbout curative properties of honey have heard a lot all. Besides, that it perfectly treats catarrhal diseases, it still use in cosmetology, for example, it is possible to do face packs with honey. Honey is capable to return to skin a healthy look, a tone and to clean small wrinkles.
How to grow thin in a week Beauty and health
Как похудеть за неделюHow to grow thin in a week or to lose weight in 3-5 days? Who did not ask himself such question on the eve of an important meeting?! Girls are seldom happy with the figure — it seems to them that it is worth growing thin for unlimited number of kilograms and will become absolutely happy. collected recommendations of nutritionists for fast and safe weight loss.
Face packs with aspirin Beauty and health
Маски для лица с аспириномEach woman dreams of beautiful skin, but it is not so simple to achieve excellent result, especially if to go on salons for any expensive treatment at you is not present means and time. But not for nothing there is such saying which sense is that the person interested will find 1000 opportunities, but not wishing 1000 reasons.
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